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LinkedIn for Business - leverage the power of LinkedIn at linkedinforbusiness.netTHE KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS IS BUILDING AND NUTURING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

Hi, I’m JoAnne Funch. I transform professionals from making random connections to making strategic and high-value connections that result in more profitable, long-term opportunities.

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7 Ways to Transform Your LinkedIn Network from a Data Base to Valuable Business Connections

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LinkedIn for Business equals opportunity for more ROIHOW I GOT CONNECTED!

I relocated from southern California to my hometown of Minneapolis in 2007 starting my life over following some personal life changing events.

As an entrepreneur, I needed a way to connect with the business community and so I turned to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn had only been around 4 years and there were 8,000,000 members worldwide, but those who were on the platform were engaged and serious about networking. As of early 2018 there are 546,000,000 members.

Following my own personal success in making new connections, building brand awareness and driving leads I started teaching others what I learned.

I am a passionate about LinkedIn for business and an advocate for building both strategic and meaningful, long-term relationships. I am invested in the success of my network and teaching others to do the same.
I work with individuals and companies who want to leverage LinkedIn to manage their reputation, build a personal brand, find and engage prospects and build value-based relationships.

LinkedIn for Business Equals Opportunity

The opportunities are great and you can no longer afford to be complacent on LinkedIn. That means showing up and actually engaging in dialogue even though it starts online. According to a recent study by LinkedIn, 77% of top sellers always use LinkedIn to identify potential contacts. As a top Minneapolis LinkedIn Trainer, feel free to follow me on social media for fresh insights:

I help professionals get found, stand out from the crowd, attract their ideal customers and build a network that generates leads.

LinkedIn for Business
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