The key to business success is building and nurturing your relationships connections network

Helping professionals become seen and heard on LinkedIn so your prospects find YOU, not your competitors!

The biggest challenge that holds talented professionals like you back from standing out from the crowd, building credibility and having a network of valuable connections is


You feel unrecognized in your field
& people simply don’t find you for
what you want to be known for.

By developing your personal brand
and elevating your credibility you
will stand out and be recognized.

Planning & Strategy

You may have given up on building a network to grow your business or brand because you haven’t seen results from previous efforts. But, you most likely didn’t have a plan or strategy to get results.


We all have the ability to influence and have impact. There is no better place to connect with people who want to do business than LinkedIn. Your content and engagement can accelerate and transform your success.

So why are some professionals able to leverage their network while others continue to struggle with the concept of how a network can grow their business and brand?

I know what it feels like to struggle with the concept of building a brand and network, I experienced this myself. Since 2007, I have worked with hundreds of professionals across the globe that know…
If you master how you network, position your brand and build relationships, you’ll drive more opportunities and sales with less effort.

-------- Your Next Steps to Success --------

Don’t leave your LinkedIn & relationship marketing to chance

Step 1

Personal Branding & Reputation Management

Get a professionally developed & written LinkedIn profile and improve your visibility.

Be that expert people are attracted to and want to connect with.

People like you have seen their business & brand grow from a well-written profile
“I’m so glad I found JoAnne to help me with updating my LinkedIn profile. She is easy to work with, provides honest feedback and her turnaround is quick. When she completed the updates to my profile, the visibility grew by 440% in less than a week.”
Lorena DeWit, PHR

Step 2

Planning and Strategy

Without a plan and strategy, it’s like sailing a boat without a compass!

Using LinkedIn for professional development requires a strategy.

In fact, it is important to understand how we do business has changed. Buyers have already made a decision before you reach them – your job is to become the person they want to do business with or associate with.

“JoAnne’s training has been an invaluable resource for not only myself but also for business owner clients whom I coach in regard to setting up and implementing strategic plans and marketing tactics utilizing the power of relationship marketing and LinkedIn as a tool to reach B2B customers and help us stand out from our competition, which has resulted in significant growth for our companies.”
Roy Meyer,
Business & Real Estate Marketing Coach

Step 3

Influence Through Content and Engagement

I work with you to develop a content strategy and the processes and procedures that are necessary to support ongoing LinkedIn content marketing success that drives your brand engagement builds credibility and establishes authority in your industry or niche.

“JoAnne has an awesome talent for tying strategic business development to tactical execution in an easy to understand, common sense language for entrepreneurs like myself, to senior corporate leaders responsible for overseeing brand and image.”
Nancy Maxfield-Wilson
Change Leader/Program Manager

Step 4

Empowering Through Training

Linked In For Business offers training opportunities for individuals, companies, organizations and conferences. Our training services are based on your current skills, professional goals, and business objectives. LinkedIn is not a tool that you should view as a chore, rather it is a tool that can easily connect you to the right people and opportunities!

“As a Professional LinkedIn Trainer, JoAnne did an awesome job of listening to our needs and understanding where we were at with our LinkedIn experience. Leading two large groups of our bankers in the basic understanding of how LinkedIn works, determining best practices of usage and how to build our personal and business brand with powerful profiles you knocked it out of the park! The bonus was that you made this training fun, super interesting and cool. We all left our training with a new appreciation of the power of LinkedIn and how we can harness this tool for measured results. I would highly recommend JoAnne to anyone that wants to up their game with LinkedIn.”
Troy Weathers
VP RoundBank

Become empowered and inspired to make better relationship marketing decisions.

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I believe most people are yearning for meaningful connections and a deep desire to be heard not only personally but professionally.
– JoAnne Funch


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