4 Tips for a 2022 LinkedIn Content Strategy

4 Tips for a 2022 LinkedIn Content Strategy

Content builds trust and a great strategy for building influence with your LinkedIn network. Here are 4 tips to consider when creating your strategy.

Developing a content strategy on LinkedIn requires a bit more thought because you have a small amount of space to get your readers attention. Your content goal is simple and that is to get your reader to engage with the post/content while positioning your authority.

Tip #1 – Get to the point immediately when you post

People tend to scan the LinkedIn newsfeed and so the first 3 lines of your post must grab attention, so they click the ‘see more’…to read the rest of your post.

Tip #2 – Post thought leadership content

Increase your authority by publishing insightful and of course relevant content that adds value to your ideal customer. Your goal is to be seen as the expert in your industry, so stick to what you know!
Often I see people posting such a variety of content topics I really do not know what they stand for, don’t make that mistake. Stay in one lane until you are known for what you do.

Remember, the goal is to be seen as the expert in your network and outshine your competitors.

Tip #3 – Share content by hosting an event

This is a great way for your audience to get to know you by hosting a webinar, or workshop. By using the event feature in LinkedIn, you can invite people in your network that could benefit from your knowledge and position your services. You can easily connect your Zoom link into the event set-up, so capture people’s email addresses when they register.

The goal when facilitating an event is to position your authority.

Tip #4 – Share personal content

People prefer LinkedIn because it’s not Facebook, but with that said it isn’t a great strategy to share a picture of your lunch, but sharing personal stories that give insight into who you are, your interests and observations all connect you as a real person.

Your goal here is to increase engagement and become more approachable. People do business with people they relate to and like.

5 Content Types to mix into your strategy

The following list is in order of top reaching content (as of this writing). It is always good to test your content by reviewing the data for each post with the response from your network. Adding a strong call to action that asks your reader to comment is a key to increasing the engagement of your posts.

  • Document Post – tip: if you use Canva.com as a source for creating graphics, use the Instagram carousel template to create a great multi-page document
  • Polls – when you ask a great question, polls can be a great way to engage your network
  • Text with an image 
  • Text only
  • Video


A LinkedIn content strategy is a must if your ideal clients are active on LinkedIn. If you do create content consistently you may want to turn on the ‘Creator Mode’ feature which I wrote about in this article. https://linkedinforbusiness.net/linkedin-profile-updates/

You may also want to review my blog post: 4 Tips on Posting You May Not Know

Both of these articles offer specific’s to creating content that gains the most reach in the newsfeed, but adding value is up to you. 

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JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

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  1. Great tips and everyone can agree that LinkedIn has become a great platform where all professionals gravitate to. Thank you for helping me with the best tips for the right content, and consistency to increase engagement.

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