4 New LinkedIn Company Page Features

4 New LinkedIn Company Page Features

Creating a company brand has value on LinkedIn based on how people search. LinkedIn has added three new company page features to enhance your brand and give you data on who is following your page.

A strong company brand that has been supported by its employees can help increase visibility, increase top of mind awareness and bottom line – increase your companies know, like and trust factor.  This ultimately drives traffic to your website, landing pages and gets the phones ringing!

Why Create a LinkedIn Company Page?

According to a recent article posted on Hubspot, “When compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, LinkedIn may not seem like the most intriguing, exciting social media network. But it’s still important — especially because 62% of people trust a brand’s social media accounts and activity more than its advertising.”

How Users Search LinkedIn

Remember people are researching us, our companies and services and your company presence needs to make your prospects and clients feel comfortable and confident in their decision to purchase. To do this, you need a strong business presence on LinkedIn. 

Your company page and employee’s profiles will elevate your presence when written to optimize credibility, experience and demonstrate your authority in your industry.  Users search LinkedIn by company name and people’s name, so having a company page should be a must.

Your company page can attract new talent and is a great place for you to showcase new products or services thus building brand awareness.  Also in today’s digital world, showing behind the scenes pictures of employees at work is a fun mix to your content.

1. Invite Connections to Follow Your Page

First, if you have a company page you can invite your 1st-degree connection to follow the page which increases the visibility of your posts.  I suggest you only invite your connections that are more likely to be interested in your pagers content, this way your posts become more effective because your target audience will see your posts.

You receive invitation credits (as you see in the image below). Here’s how invitation credits are used and earned:

    1. Sending an invitation requires one credit.
    2. When an invitation is accepted, the credit is earned back and is applied back to the Page’s balance.
    3. When an invitation is rejected or withdrawn, the credit isn’t earned back. The credit is removed from Page’s balance.
    4. The Page invitation credit limit renews on the first day of every month.

LInkedIn Invite Credit

2. Download Analytics of Company Page Followers

LInkedIn Company Page-Download Spreadsheets

This is a big win for company page admins who can now download a plethora of analytics into a spreadsheet.  

At the top of the display your see Follower Highlights.
This number shows your all-time followers and new followers of your LinkedIn page in the last 30 days.

What you can learn from the analytics of your page followers are:

    • List of current followers in order of when they started to follow your page
    • Lots of demographics:  location, job function, seniority, industry & company size
    • List of other companies to track – Lets you see how your followers and updates compare to those of other similar companies to yours so you can see how your posts compare. Time range filter does not apply to total followers.

3. Create an Event from Your LinkedIn Company Page

From a marketing point of view, creating an event from your social media platforms can increase exposure for your event to different audiences.  You can post both online and offline events.

As a LinkedIn Page Admin, you can create LinkedIn Events from your Admin View on the desktop. The organizer can’t be changed once an Event has been created; however, you can edit the details prior to its scheduled start. 

To create an Event from your Admin tools dropdown:

  1. Access your Page Admin View.
  2. Click the Admin tools dropdown.
  3. Select Create an Event from the menu that appears.
  4. Enter all details.
  5. Click Create.

You can view a list of all past and upcoming Events by clicking See all Events in the Events module on the right side of your admin centre. If there aren’t any Upcoming Events, click Create Event to schedule one.

Create Event In LinkedIn

Your events are listed in date order on the Events tab and only page admins can cancel or delete events from the page.

Any LinkedIn member can click on this tab and see all of your page’s upcoming events. From here, they sign up for an event and/or share it with their network.

When people sign up for your event, that event will appear in their personal profile alongside any previous events they’ve hosted or attended. This information is visible only to that person but adds an additional way to stay top of mind with your event attendees.

LinkedIn is also introducing registration forms for pages that organize events. It’s currently in a beta-testing phase. When someone signs up for your event, they complete a simple registration form that’s prefilled with their LinkedIn profile data.

4. Engage Employees with the New ‘My Company’ Tab

As I write this post, this new feature is rolling out by December of 2020.  Additionally, In the near term, the  “My Company” tab will not be available to Pages with 200 employees or less, identified under “company size”.

The “My Company” tab offers larger organizations on LinkedIn a trusted, employee-only space to help them join the conversations that matter most. By helping employees stay connected to each other – and to what’s most important at your organization – they can do their best work.

Employees can:

    • Access a trusted, employee-only community on LinkedIn
    • Celebrate one another, with quick insight into new hires and coworker milestones
    • Interact with one another, by engaging with trending LinkedIn posts from their coworkers
    • Connect with one another, through dynamic suggestions based on their location, team and shared coworkers
    • [Coming Soon] Share organic posts and content curated by your marketing and talent branding teams

Employees Quote

Build Your Brand Recognition

Whether you’re in HR running a talent brand, in marketing managing a corporate brand, or in sales selling products, socially engaged employees to help drive key business outcomes.

My Tab will be a great tool for larger companies to engage their employees, look forward to this toward the end of 2020. Learn more HERE.


Having a company page builds your brand, awareness for your products and services, attracts new employees and builds community around your brand.  These new features make it simple to connect your brand to more people.

For help in developing a content strategy for your company page, schedule a call with me and let’s get started building your business today!

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