Empower More Professionals to Use LinkedIn

Isn't it time to shift from time wasting activities to making more influential connections that result in more profitable, long-term opportunities?

Our goal is to EMPOWER more professionals.  

Linked In For Business enables business owners, sales people, business development professionals and company leaders to move from time-wasting actitivites to leveraging LinkedIn to gain brand exposure and make more influential connections resulting in more profitable, long-term opportunities.

What can LinkedIn do for you?

Build & manage your professional brand 

Build your credibility, authority & influence

Leverage your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights & relationships 

So why aren't people doing it?

Lack of a plan or strategy

Don't know their target audience

Not willing to invest in a long-term strategy

Learn cutting edge strategies that makes LinkedIn worth the effort in time & resources!

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JoAnne Funch

LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Speaker

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