A Few Lesser Known Tips About Using LI

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Lesser Known Tips About Using LinkedIn That are Important

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A Few Lesser Known Tips About Using LI* Search status updates with LinkedIn Signal

Want to know who’s talking about your favorite topics? Switch the search bar at the top right of your screen to “Updates” to find out. This is a great way to build new connections and find out what people in your industry are sharing.

You can narrow your search by region, career, etc. by using the check boxes in the left column.

* Take Advantage of Google Search ResultsLinkedIn profile is complete and up to date

Google seems to favor LinkedIn for people searches. With that in mind, make sure your profile is as complete and clean as possible. It’s likely potential employers will be Googling you, so if you haven’t spruced up your profile in awhile, now’s a good time to do it.

Employers use LinkedIn all the time to search for new job candidates. Who knows what you’re missing out on if your profile doesn’t have your complete work experience, skills, education, etc.

The last thing you’d want to show off is just your most recent position and nothing else. The more you have in your profile, the more people can learn about what you can do.

* What if you need to hire someone?

LinkedIn is a good place to start. Check out the corporate recruiting page to learn how you can find the best talent out there.

* Sync LinkedIn with Twitter

LinkedIn gives you the option to automatically send all your tweets to your LinkedIn status. You can add your Twitter account under Settings > Profile > Manage Your Twitter Settings.

You also have the option to only send tweets to LinkedIn that have the hashtag #li or #in. (We recommend using that tool if you tweet a lot).

* Find out who has been looking at your profile who has been looking at your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has a handy tool that lets you see who looks at your profile. (Although some people have their privacy settings set to block this.)

For free users, you can only see who has looked at your profile over the last few days. Paid LinkedIn users can see everyone who has ever looked at their LinkedIn profile.

You can get all this information from the right side of LinkedIn’s home page after you log in.

* Keep Learning

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