What’s really prevented you from leveraging LinkedIn as a tool for building your brand and connecting with the ‘right’ people that lead to more opportunities?

Let’s be honest… 

You’re a pretty savvy professional and yet LinkedIn is one of those tools you don’t spend a lot of time using because quite frankly you’ve gotten limited results. 

Maybe you’ve concluded that people with more influence and notoriety than you are the only ones generating new opportunities and sales right? 

With that said, you may even think LinkedIn is a waste of time because up to this point you receive countless invitations from people you don’t know (or want to know), others you have invited don’t respond! 

In fact, you have waited around for others to react and put their foot forward because you never thought through what you were going do after the invitation. Now you have 400, 500, 1000 connections or more that you have little or no contact with.

So you thought if you updated your profile, people would just find you and want to do business with you.

You probably even scan LinkedIn a couple times a week and read other people's posts, but you don't know what to say or how to engage people and so you remain a lurker or maybe a 'Liker' (you click the thumbs up hoping to get noticed).  

You’ve tried a few strategies - decided this was just a time-suck and don't invest much effort.


Ok, I get it…because I've been there, done that myself. But we also know our partners, prospects and people we want to influence are using LinkedIn as their primary social media platform and maybe you now realize you could be missing the boat!!

Registration closes April 18th Midnight

Introducing Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for 2017

A proven 4-week course for creating a strategy along with the tactics to build a stronger personal and professional brand, stand out from the competition, attract decision-makers and drive more sales. 

If you are a high-achieving professional, business owner or sales professional ready to make a shift from time wasting activities that have gotten limited results and gain confidence to locate, connect and engage with decision-makers than Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for 2017 is for you! (This is not a beginner’s course) 

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What will you gain from Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for 2017 4-week course?

  • I will teach you strategy before tactics- resulting in hyper-focused activity only
  • A plan for staying focused & intentional about who you attract and who you strategically connect with
  • Templates & pre-written scripts to create meaningful & actionable invitations that attract your ideal client, referral partner, vendor, or influencer 
  • A daily, weekly and on-going process to maximize the time you spend to get results into 30 minutes a day
  • Build an effective personal brand story into your profile that is compelling & credible 
  • I share my strategies on how to engage people in your status updates, articles and in groups so they will want to engage with you.



In 2007 I relocated from Southern California to my hometown of Minneapolis following the death of my husband who also was my business partner. I decided I needed a new start but that also meant I was starting my business over again in a place I had not lived in 25 years!

When I moved there were only a few things I knew for certain…. 

  • If I were to start my business over again, I needed to build an online presence 
  • I needed to meet professionals & learn about the business community 
  • Life is short, live life now 

Social media was still at its infancy in comparison to how we use it today, and I thought I would spend some time exploring LinkedIn because it seemed like the logical place where I could find and connect with professionals. 

I figured out how to use LikedIn so effectively, colleagues wanted to know my secrets and I can help you get better results too!


  • I couldn’t do it alone.
  • The time I spent building both personal & professional relationships meant everything to me in terms of my future success.


  • My 4-week course is a map that will get you to a result faster 
  • I provide the structure and accountability to get it done 
  • I will be there to answer questions, because this is a “Done With You” training 

“One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” — John C. Maxwell

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for 2017 

Find Out What’s Covered in 4-Weeks:

Week 1 – Define & Create a strategy for success

Week 2 – Create a high converting profile

  • WHY – As Simon Sinek says “Start with Why” (Why is personal, Why makes you take action, Why makes a difference) 
  • Create a clear plan or strategy for connecting and prospecting the people you want to do business with rather than shooting from the hip resulting in deeper, more meaningful relationships 
  • Create a process: What revenue generating activities will you need to take daily, weekly & on-going to get the results you want

BONUS: Worksheets to draft out your strategy, goal planning tool and outlining your ideal connections

Does your LinkedIn profile build credibility & convert prospects? Do you have a compelling, ‘read more’ headline?

  • Predict how you are perceived when someone visits your profile – examples of converting profiles 
  • Reputation Management is knowing where and how you show up 
  • Distinguishing your brand from your competition 
  • Define your personal brand & create your unique story (Old way vs. New way of branding) 

BONUS: Hot seat critiques PLUS Profile Guide & Worksheet 

Week 3 – Develop a strategic, purposeful network of connections

Week 4 – Conversion Process

  • Become more intentional about who you connect and engage with 
  • How to find your ideal connections 
  • Customize messages for higher conversions 
  • Engage in relevant conversation 
  • 3rd party tools that help organize, search & track key contacts 

BONUS: Receive samples of nurturing message scripts you can copy (this is worth the cost of the course!) 

Resource List: 3rd party tools that can save time and keep maintain focus & other brand building tools.

  • Create repeatable process that you design once
  • Ouline your follow-up system
  • Write effective Call-to-Action
  • Develop a reputation of being the ‘go-to’ resource in your niche

BONUS: Automatically get people to book a phone meeting with this 1 idea – (Proven strategy) Conversion process worksheet, daily/weekly task list 

Join our private LinkedIn Group page & connect with other participants to share ideas

When do we start? – Friday, April 21st

We will meet 4 weeks starting Friday, April 21st, 2017 via 1 hour 'LIVE' Webinar

YES, I will be there LIVE to answer questions as we go along!

Mark your calendars: Time: 11:00AM PST/ 1:00PM CST/ 2:00PM EST 

  • Friday, April 21st
  • Friday, April 28th 
  • Friday, May 12th 
  • Friday, May 19th 

Can’t make the webinar – no worries! Every member receives the replay & worksheets 

Scott Plum

Scott Plum is the President of the Minnesota Sales Institute. He started his selling career in 1987 and since then he has been sharing the skills and techniques with individuals and training sales teams.

He is the author of "Taking Off Into The Wind - Creating Lift Out of Life"

BONUS #1- Sales Training session with guest presenter Scott Plum on Wed. May 24th


Super Popular Bonus

BONUS #2- Special Coaching call following the 4-week training to answer questions and keep you motivated to get results! 

(Date and time to be announced later)

Most courses as prerecorded, however, I am teaching these live so you have access to ask questions. I’m here to support you and guide you to greater success!

Wyn Davies, Course Participant

“I decided to take the LinkedIn Advanced Strategies course because I realized I was missing the boat on real opportunities while I was waiting for people to find me. The big ah ha came when I realized that networking online was the same concept as offline but I could reach more people having a virtual coffee meeting faster and JoAnne provided strategies to do that. The course also taught me to go beyond my profile and define my brand, get involved by being engaged with my connections and their content – no more “Likes” I now make thoughtful comments generating more exposure. I would highly recommend this course. JoAnne goes the extra mile to be responsive to questions which is rare with most online courses. She engages, is patient and I feel like I have developed a new partner in her.” – Wyn Davies, Business Advisor, C.F. Advisors LLC.


This course was intentionally designed for:

  • High achieving professionals who value and invest in professional development who want better than average results. 
  • Business Owners who want to gain brand exposure, influence and authority in their niche. 
  • Sales people who may already be using LinkedIn as a lead gen tool but may not be leveraging their influence, competitive advantage or have not built a customer attracting profile to attract decision makers. 
Bill Arland, Course Participant

“I took the LinkedIn Advanced Strategies course because I was 100% inefficient with my skills on LinkedIn even though I have been using it for many years but had little results to show for it. What I learned has paid for the course. JoAnne is deliberate & methodical in the training and doesn’t skim over complicated material. She is easy to learn from and always willing to answer questions – I would highly recommend this course.” – Bill Arland, President Trade Show Solutions Inc.







  • 4 Weeks of done with you content packed training sessions ($2000.00 Value) 
  • Program enhancing worksheets & exercises 
  • Private LinkedIn community 
  • Bonus How to create images that stand out in updates 
  • Bonus coaching session- get all your questions answered
  • Consideration for Profile Hot Seat in week 2 


  • 4 Weeks of done with you content packed training sessions ($2000.00 Value) 
  • Program enhancing worksheets & exercises 
  • Private LinkedIn community
  • Bonus How to create images that stand out in updates 
  • Bonus Coaching session- get all your questions answered 


First 6 people to register get a personal profile critique done by me and sent to your private email. ($150 Value per person)

60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If within 60 days you haven’t seen any results, but you’ve completed the course, implemented your strategy, and can demonstrate that you did the work, we will happily return the investment that you’ve made in yourself.

“JoAnne was fantastic! She was thoughtful, professional and incredibly insightful. I especially appreciated her patience and willingness to educate. I am so grateful to be a customer and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to "step up their game". Amazing.” – Greg Landry, Business Development, Sales 

Roll up your sleeves and let's plan your strategies for the year! I would be honored to be your guide starting Friday, April 21st because there is no better time than now!

Now is your time – make the next 3 quarters count! 

JoAnne Funch

Course price $497 with 2-pay option. 

The more purposeful you become, the more powerful you become!

JoAnne Funch is a marketing consultant, experienced social media trainer and online marketing strategist as well as an author and blogger. She has worked with hundreds of business clients helping them establish marketing strategies as well as bridging the gap from strategy to tactics and execution with common-sense, user-friendly but conceptually solid approach since establishing her marketing business in 1996. 

 JoAnne especially loves to teach and empower businesses to take control of their social footprint by establishing their voice and implementing a content strategy. She was an early adopter of LinkedIn and has been teaching others how to use it effectively to meet their professional objectives. 

She has been a LinkedIn workshop trainer for the University of Minnesota, Business & Economic Development Department, a guest presenter and speaker for organizations and conferences locally and nationally. JoAnne works with both private companies and individuals on LinkedIn profile development, corporate training, social selling strategies and more. She stays at the forefront of this ever changing platform to ensure her clients stand out and are leveraging the latest updates. She creates an authentic and safe learning environment, holding learners accountable for their learning, engagement, and follow through. 

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