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"Thank you so much for the very helpful webinar! The LinkedIn pointers you shared were solid and actionable. I especially appreciated the discussions of conversion and building relational capital. Thank you for sharing! It was an honor to attend." - Christy Albrecht 

You’ve probably been on LinkedIn for years, have hundreds of connections and yet no one reaches out like you thought they would...

Maybe you never really asked yourself what action you were going to take after someone accepted your invitation or you accepted theirs and so nothing has transpired...

You realize you are 100% inefficient when it comes to using LinkedIn...

BUT, YOU BELIEVE there are opportunities using LinkedIn if you only knew what you were doing…

The time is NOW to learn how successful professionals leverage LinkedIn!


4 Steps to Building a Stronger Personal & Professional Brand, Stand out from the Competition, Attract Decision-makers and Drive more Sales  

5 Reasons to attend

1. Learn why most small business owners, sales professionals, and experts are creating more work for themselves rather than shifting from lack of time and limited results to making influential connections that result in more profitable, long-term opportunities.

2. Why LinkedIn is so important to the sales process & how simple engagement techniques can change your results dramatically!

3. The 4 critical priorities you want to focus on to create an effective strategy, stand out from your competitors, become more intentional about who you connect and engage with and be clear on a conversion process.

4. People meet us online before we meet in person so first impressions matter. How you build your brand affects your results.

5. What you need to know to position yourself differently with a profile that actually builds your credibility and converts.

We'll also explore the most common questions I get asked over and over again:

  • How to find and connect with the right people
  • How to engage people in relevant conversation
  • How to make the time to use LinkedIn effectively and drive results
  • LinkedIn feels overwhelming and I don’t have a strategy

JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

LinkedIn Strategist, National Trainer & Speaker

JoAnne is a nationally recognized LinkedIn strategist, trainer & speaker. She is ranked with the top trainers worldwide. 

● She has presented at conferences, associations. and professional groups nationwide.

● Had the privilege of training some well-known companies such as AT&T, Liberty Mutual, Community Medical Centers and many others.

● Has worked with professionals all over the globe to improve their LinkedIn profiles.

JoAnne Funch founded LinkedIn For Business to teach and empower businesses to take control of their social footprint, intentionally connect, build credibility, invest in long-term relationships and engage authentically.

JoAnne has been seen on

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