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Are your LinkedIn endorsements authentic

Are your LinkedIn endorsements authenticHow Authentic are your LinkedIn Endorsements?

Have your connections on LinkedIn endorsed you for skills you don’t really have or skills they would have no knowledge you possess?  In other words are your LinkedIn endorsements authentic?

This is one area of your LinkedIn profile that is often misunderstood.  First it is important to know that LinkedIn tracks what you put in the skills section with a primary use to sort profiles by skills which is most frequently done by recruiters.

I think it is equally important to understand that an endorsement is equivalent to someone offering you a high five or pat on the back for something you did well.  This is not the same as someone writing a recommendation which actually holds more weight and something I believe you should be in the habit of asking for to continue to build your credibility.

There is no value to you to have your brother or even a colleague who hasn’t bothered to put up a photo or complete their profile endorse you.  Wouldn’t it be more credible if someone more noteworthy gave you that high five?

Best LinkedIn Endorsements are the ones you Want to be Known For

I recommend your top 10 skills are the listed in order of what you want to most be known for, these are the skills that have the endorsers photo next to them. Follow that with another 40 skills to round out the section.  You skills can include some of the  same key words you would also use to describe yourself in your headline and summary section.

Here is a short video tutorial on how to manage your skills and endorsement section

Video on managing LinkedIn endorsements

Here’s to hoping your skills and endorsements are the best, if you have questions or comments please do leave them below.

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