Master How You Network, Position, Your Brand, and Build Relationships and You'll Drive More Opportunities and Sales with Less Effort.

If you’re showing up at networking events, conferences, on social media or among your colleagues hoping someone will want to learn more about what you do and how you can help them you’ll be waiting a long time and working too hard to make things happen.

What successful 6-7 figure earners know is how to leverage their network connections to drive opportunities.

Research demonstrates that making and strengthening connections to others is vitally important for professional success.

It also provides major advantages – access to diverse skills and perspectives, the ability to learn private or behind the scenes information and the type of expertise and influence that makes it easier to attain social capital.

When you don’t make relationship building and nurturing relationships a priority, chances are you also aren’t seeing the influence and leads that you could from people you know. I’m guessing you also find yourself…

You know you want better quality network connections, people you could develop a more meaningful relationship with that are well-connected, the challenge is to figure out how to make that happen

The truth is, the professionals that make it to 6 and 7-figures move past that phase quickly by creating their personal brand, developing a goal and plan for making & strengthening their connections AND they make relationship building a priority.

They’ve mastered what most never are willing to put in the effort to achieve.

And if you’re using time as an excuse, well then I hate to break it to ya, but those big sales goals you have for yourself are going to continue to stay at an arm’s reach.

Think about it.

Can you imagine where your business will be a year from now if you don’t focus on building a network that knows, likes and trusts you?

Probably in the same place as you are right now, otherwise you’d be getting those massive results already!

The three biggest challenges that hold experts like you back from a network of trusted partners

You may have given up on building a network as a way to gain business

because you haven’t seen results from previous efforts & you decided you weren’t good at it. You just didn’t have a plan or strategy.

You believe you lack confidence or skills to connect with others

who could be referral partners or prospects, but that is simply because you haven’t learned how! With the scripts provided in the training you can open many doors and conversations.

You feel unrecognized in your field or not appreciated – people simply don’t find you.

By developing your personal branding and elevating the things that make you credible, you will now stand-out and be recognized following our simple blueprint.

When you lead the conversation and ask questions differently, great connections can be found everywhere and deeper, more meaningful relationships begin.
Imagine you now have a professional brand you are proud of, you are meeting interesting people resulting in more opportunities and clients. You are getting found in search results, you are getting more comments on your posts and more people want to connect with YOU. People are treating you differently, with more authority.

I'm Excited to Share With You a Proven Process That Finally Gets You on Track Utilizing Your Network to Accelerate Your Ability to Grow

This training is a blueprint to:

So you can impact more people with your work faster

Introducing Beyond LinkedIn

No matter where you’re currently at… I’ve created this program for you. 

It works because this is a system for HOW to make things happem.


Create a Stand-out Brand, Build an Influence Network, Drive More Sales.

Beyond LinkedIn 2020 Includes

4 Live Virtual Master Sessions
1-Group Q & A Call
Tools & Worksheets
Get It Done Challenge


Plus recordings of the sessions if you aren’t able to make it
or want to re-watch later.


Developing your personal brand

Following this session, you will know how to flush out and write your personal brand story and update your LinkedIn profile. You will learn how to optimize your profile for the best search results, and highlight what makes you credible, and be an authority in your niche. You will no longer fit in, you will stand out!



Defining the purpose & goals of your network

This session guides you to create a plan with a clear purpose for your network relationships. Your plan will guide your actions and stop time-wasting activities. You will know exactly where to spend your time every day after completing this work.



Building your credibility & trust

Visibility is critical to your success on LinkedIn and other social platforms. After this session you will know how to create your content strategy along with the most effective types of content and placement that build your trust and authority.



Build an influential network the right way & get more sales

This final session will give you prewritten scripts along with other step-by-step suggestions on strategies I have learned that opened doors and made lasting impressions. What you walk away with in this session will shortcut your learning curve and give you practical examples you can copy and use right away.



Learn top tips to build your network

from Travis Chappell, Founder of “Build Your Network” Podcast (Named by Forbes in 2019 as one of the top 10 business podcasts to change your life!)

“Hear Travis’ story of going from door to door sales to interviewing some of the most influential people on the planet in just 2 years!”

This session is GOLD you will gain tips about how to network UP and finally build a network that accelerates your ability to get things done!

Plus, you’ll receive recordings of all Sessions and Q&A call
so you can attend any sessions you missed and
refer back to them at any time.

More About the Get It Done Challenge

So many of you have told me you need help executing and following through.

Lack of follow-through is lack of performance and because I want to see you get results, after each session you will receive a challenge to increase your performance.

If you’re with me, you’re committed to results!

Why you can no longer afford to ignore building your network…

Join me for Beyond LinkedIn 2022

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Or one payment of $997

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Or one payment of $1884


Do the work, follow the strategies and invest the time. If you don’t see positive results with your outreach, goals and content – send us a recap of what you implemented according to each of the 4 sessions, and we’ll refund your money.

JoAnne has an awesome talent for tying strategic business development to tactical execution in an easy to understand, common sense language for entrepreneurs like myself, to senior corporate leaders responsible for overseeing brand and image.

Nancy Maxfield-Wilson

Are you ready to master how you network, position your brand and build relationships that drive more opportunities and sales with less effort?

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This is not a get-rich-quick training. Let’s be real – it takes effort, focus and consistency to get the results you want. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and do the work, I’m here to share what I’ve learned, hold you accountable so you can gain a competitive advantage, add value to others and get more opportunities to grow your business and enrich your life with amazing people.


A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.