Even Buckingham Palace Uses LinkedIn to Recruit Employees

Queen Elizabeth

LinkedIn may not be the sexiest social media platform, but even Buckingham Place in London is advertising for job candidates on LinkedIn.

Scanning LinkedIn for a job? Well, if you happen to live in the U.K. and had your LinkedIn profile city location set to London, AND you were looking for a job with the keyword’s senior employee communications, employee communications, or recruitment communications you may have seen a LinkedIn job post from Buckingham Palace.

Your LinkedIn profile is your resume on steroids, a personal branding, and networking tool. Recruiters are looking for qualified candidates every day to fill key positions. You want to start thinking like a recruiter if you want to be found.

Think of Yourself as a Subject Matter Expert

Recruiters & hiring managers often ask the question “Tell me about yourself” and I think what they are really asking is “What do you do”, this is where you communicate something about your brand. You can never go wrong if you answer with your personal brand statement because then you are controlling the narrative.

That’s why you want to think of yourself as a subject matter expert and not just your resume.

Incorporate a Personal Brand Statement into Your LinkedIn Profile

When you create a personal brand statement you want to talk about what you love most or are most passionate about in the work you do, explain how it solves a problem or makes people feel better and close with how you are using this passion to solve a bigger problem right now – or how you are applying your skills.

Placing the Right Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile

Choose keywords that are relevant to the role you want and align with your skills. This is important when a recruiter is searching for candidate.

Your ideal keywords would appear in your title, your ‘about’ and ‘experience’ sections.
Recruiters only see your employers’ names, your job titles, and your employment dates. Because of this, check your job titles to be sure they include important keywords.

Do Your Skills Match the Job Description?

Recruiters use applicant tracking systems that scan profiles for the keywords and phrases that include the skills they are searching for. So before you apply for a job you see on LinkedIn, does your profile include the key skills in see in the job description?
If not, you should edit your profile before applying for the job or your profile won’t even be considered. This includes your ‘skills’ section. Does this section include all the skills listed in the job description?

LinkedIn Job Description

Communicate Your Transferable Skills

Demonstrating your transferable skills could get you the interview. These are skills you bring from job to job that are measurable. I wrote a detailed article on how to communicate the transferable skills that will set you apart from other candidates.

You are hired because you solve a problem for an employer. Be specific not a generalist, don’t dilute your effectiveness. You want to market your specifics not all those dozens of things you believe you have value in.

Your brand should demonstrate your specialty. Choose skills that support your value. The most predominant skills are how you make a company money!
You want to attract the right employers that would hire your value.

How Will You Stand Out?

  • Your LinkedIn profile should mirror your resume work history
  • Don’t use big paragraphs
  • Include 3-7 quantifiable accomplishments for each position
  • List your most relevant skill sets (these will likely be the ones you want to leverage anyway)
  • Aim for least 20 Endorsements for each skill
  • Be sure you have current recommendations that speak to your hard and soft skills In your ‘About Section’ – Write a brief, yet compelling story about yourself in the first person Include your personal branding statement, Make a keyword-filled list of your top 10 Skills and a list of any Technologies/Software you’re proficient in at the bottom of the section


It’s easy to copy your resume to LinkedIn and call it good but this is why so many people fail to get the interview because that approach is based on work history and responsibilities.

You don’t need a history-based approach, you need a forward-thinking approach that helps you stand out from a very crowded job market. Mastering LinkedIn can give you a competitive advantage by understanding the value of your brand and your network.

Now is your time to master your LinkedIn profile and networking skills.
If you want to get your next job faster, and to stand out from the competition, get noticed by recruiters and simply gain all the strategies in this article along with the specific steps and examples, jump into our course today! LinkedIn & Networking Strategies for Job Seekers.

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