Build Relationships that Drive Results

Build LinkedIn Relationships that Drive Results

Build LinkedIn Relationships that Drive Results

Did you know  that research indicates that LinkedIn members are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they interact with on LinkedIn.*

Build relationships that drive results for businesses, relationships matter more than ever. Why?

According to LinkedIn,  people tune out irrelevant or promotional messages to focus on useful, engaging content. Companies that inform and engage aren’t just selling – they’re building relationships.

Start by setting your team up for success on LinkedIn

1. Offer employees training on how to better set-up a LinkedIn profile and manage their online reputation.  By empowering employees you shine a more positive on your own company because as long as employees are working for you they are representing your company’s image.

2. Appoint a social media coordinator to post content on your company page that is engaging, relevant and interesting to followers.

3. Enlist various employees to provide content to your appointed social media coordinator to include on the company page.

Tell Your Brand Story: LinkedIn Build relationships that drive results

Your LinkedIn page is where you can tell your brand story with a graphic header congruent with your brand image.  LinkedIn suggests that if your company has a YouTube channel, embed product demos or customer testimonial videos that tell a compelling narrative about the value you offer.  You can further tell specific product stories with Show Case pages.

 Empower Sales Teams Via LinkedIn Relationships

Sale people need to leverage the use of social media to build relationships which in turn build trust.  The days of traditional cold calling are dead.  Your customers are already doing their research online for what they want, it is therefore a sales persons job to build relationships, inform and educate prospects so they will consider you for their next purchase.

How to Build LinkedIn relationships that drive results

Sales managers role Defined on LinkedIn

1.)  Help sales people update and polish their LinkedIn profiles so they stand out within the industry you are serving
2.)  Help sales people to connect with current clients and follow their company pages.  Start listening to what customers and other employees of your clients are talking about.  Being a good listener leads to intelligent engagement.
3.) Search for new prospects that mirror your current clients.

I have worked with many companies and have found that those who have been around a long time and the staff is an older generation are more reluctant to try a social selling approach.  It requires leadership to sponsor these new ideas and role model the rest of the company. *Reported by LinkedIn

How is your company doing?  Would love your comments below. Check out testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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