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Your Career Oriented LinkedIn Profile UpdateYour Career Oriented LinkedIn Profile Update:

With over 550+ Million LinkedIn users, and over 3 million company pages there is no longer any doubt that LinkedIn is the perfect place to jump start a careertransition.

Having the right LinkedIn profile is the key to successfully marketing marketing your career growth and getting found. Having the right LinkedIn profile is the key to successfully marketing marketing your career growth and getting found.Having the right LinkedIn profile is the key to successfully marketing yourself and getting found.

Get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Recruiters routinely utilize LinkedIn in searching for qualified candidates. To attract recruiters and hiring managers, it is imperative to reflect the criteria recruiters are looking for and be ready when an opportunity comes knocking. Make your LinkedIn profile look professional.

Meet JoAnne Funch

If you do a Google search on your name (which everyone should be doing to monitor their personal brand reputation), what shows up first? Almost always it will be your LinkedIn profile.

Building a LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to portray a dynamic personal brand and value proposition aligning with your career goals while at the same time displaying your career impact, work history education, and other valuable activities. Consider LinkedIn as the upgraded version of your resume, but having the ability to really let your personality, career skills and passions shine at a deeper level. When was the last time you included pictures, videos or dozens of recommendations on a written resume.

I have personally created or updated and optimized thousands of LinkedIn profiles taking them from indifferent to compelling! Will you be next? Don’t leave your work life to chance. Or schedule a LinkedIn training for your business.

Benefits of Building Your Career On LinkedIn

–>> So what will a professionally optimized LinkedIn profile do for you?

  • Allow people to learn more about you than they could find on a resume
  • Get found in search more often for your ideal keywords that lead to opportunities matching your skills and expertise
  • Boost your personal brand
  • Raise your profile in the search rankings so you get found more often by hiring managers, HR, recruiters and referral partners
  • Increase views of your profile by relevant connections
  • Help you stand out from others in your career niche
  • Attract attention of key people when you ask to connect
  • Automatic way for people to access your recommendations
  • Have a professional URL to list on letters, resumes and email signatures
  • Meet people you know through trusted introductions

All of this leads to more opportunities and positions you as a thought-leader in your industry for massive career growth.

Professional Profile ‘Done For You’ Update – Option 1 LinkedIn Career Profile Update package 1

Your professionally tailored profile makeover includes:

My process is comprehensive and individual based on your career objectives. Start by receiving a questionnaire to provide me with key details, follow that with a phone call to review your career history and for me to get to know your personality!

  • Create a highly effective & creative summary incorporating your unique personality & skills
  • Create a compelling headline
  • Create a powerful LinkedIn summary to set yourself apart as a winner
  • Add your relevant keywords optimized in the right places on your profile for maximum exposure
  • Complete your skills and experience sections
  • Add photos, video or slide share to each section of your profile relevant for building your personal & career brand
  • Edit your settings page tailored to your privacy needs

INCLUDES: Private one on one review following the update of your profile. I will provide an overview of your profile and make any additional updates before finalizing.

Investment – $495.00

Linkedin For Business Profile Update Package 2 Order Now

I hired her to review and optimize my profile. JoAnne prepared detailed, personalized suggestions for me and alerted me to new features I had not known about, even though I have been using LinkedIn for years. She consulted with me, gave me feedback, answered my questions, showed me how to make effective changes to every part of my profile, and offered strategic social media marketing advice for the future — all on a quick timeline at a very reasonable cost.” -Karin Ciano, Attorney

Exclusive Pro ‘Done For You’ Career LinkedIn Update – Option 2LinkedIn Pro 'Done For You' Career Update Pkg 2


Executives, Leadership, Board Directors, Board Members, any Upper Level Job Seekers

Here is what your content rich profile will include;

DIFFERENCE between this option and #1 is that I interview you personally versus your completing the questionnaire to determine your unique skills, talents and your future goals combined with several other factors to create your ideal profile that includes your branded value proposition.

* Discuss your business objectives to ensure your profile is crafted & intentionally written to meet those goals.

* Create a compelling headline designed to get viewers to read your summary.

* Create a highly effective & creative summary with strategic calls to action (I also incorporate your personality).

* Add your relevant keywords optimized in the right places on your profile for maximum exposure.

* Complete your skills and experience sections congruent to your keywords & business objectives.

* Add photos, videos and relevant slide share presentations to appropriate sections of your profile.

* I will create a custom header image based on what you are known for, personal mission statement and/or media appearances that build further credibility.

* I will incorporate any current media citations, appearances and interviews to leverage this credibility and use it to your best advantage within your profile.

* Edit your settings page tailored to your privacy needs.

INCLUDES: Private one on one review PLUS strategy consultation & up to 2 hours invididual training following the update of your profile designed to meet your career objectives. I will provide a comprehensive, step by step process for the following:

1. How to stay top of mind in your industry or a new industry
2. How to develop content that drives credibility & exposure as an influencer
3. I will share with you my proven scripts that get results with new and current connections that are developed to get results from the relationships
4.I will share my processes for consistent results daily and weekly

30 Day follow-up after your completed profile to check-in on the changes and determine if any tweaks need to be made.

Investment – $995.00
Linkedin For BusinLinkedIn Profile Update Package 3 Order Now


“I simply can’t overstate how pleased I am with JoAnne’s work. She takes both a strategic and a tactical view of your LinkedIn presence and helps you get clear on your goals. She then works her magic to reboot your profile AND gives you on target ideas on how to reach your goals using the power of LinkedIn. Highly recommend!”- Julie Bauke, The Bauke Group

Professional Profile ‘Video Review’- Option 3 LinkedIn Career Profile video package 3

Your video critique includes:

This option is ideal for those who may only need to make a few updates that you will do yourself but you want a professional perspective along with some tips to improve key word optimization, key word placement, compelling headline text, credibility language and overall suggestions to improve your being found and people engaging with you.

Linkedin For BusinLinkedIn Profile Update Package 3 Order Now

LinkedIn For Veterans:155815388

As part of our commitment to help veterans connect with available jobs across America, LinkedIn offers U.S. veterans a free one-year Job Seeker Premium account.

If you are a U.S. veteran interested in this offer, please join the LI Job Seeker Subscription subgroup of the Veteran Mentor Network to signal your interest. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive more information about your free upgrade.

This offer is available to U.S. veterans with military experience listed on their LinkedIn profile, and is not transferable to family members. Other restrictions may apply. Important: To expedite your request to join the group, please be sure to add your U.S. military experience to your profile and have a confirmed email address associated with your account.

To add your military experience:

* To confirm your email address: If you are a US Veteran who is trying to get back into the civilian workplace and need a profile makeover please contact me directly for a special discounted price.


Do you desire real career happiness? I encourage you to reach out to “Chief Career Happiness Officer” – Julie Bauke, The Bauke Group.

Julie is a workplace expert, career coach, media personality, speaker, and author of the book “Stop Peeing On Your Shoes: Avoiding the 7 Mistakes That Screw Up Your Job Search”.

You can’t afford not to connect the Julie and her team at The Bauke Group, they will help you define your career happiness and your next best steps. Make the no obligation connection today!Julie Bauke

Julie Bauke

LinkedIn can be the perfect marketing tool for small businesses independent professionals – if you know what you’re doing. Most people just waste time on LinkedIn – browsing randomly and sending out odd connection requests. You can do so much more! ~

LinkedIn for Business

PHONE: (951) 902-3263



JoAnne Funch, owner of LinkedIn for Business: knows how to help individuals build a LinkedIn career profile and how to get career skills found on LinkedIn. Expert in career building strategies, LinkedIn career optimization, and how to use LinkedIn to boost a career.

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