Get LinkedIn Notifications from Important People in Your Network

Get LinkedIn Notifications from Important People in Your Network

One of the many LinkedIn new features that occurred in 2022 included a notification bell on every member’s profile where you can subscribe to receive notifications of their content. This article outlines how to use this for both social selling and to promote your thought leadership. Have you noticed the bell icon 🔔 on the […]

5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

LinkedIn Posts Don’t Turn into Leads

The mistake many professionals who rely on LinkedIn for leads make is posting random topics and inviting tons of random people to connect just to build a bigger network because their strategy is to reach more people. The problem with that strategy is that the majority of random connections don’t turn into paying customers! Here […]

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Getting noticed on LinkedIn for your expertise when there are over 840 million profiles can seem daunting. With a strategy and consistency, you can easily win at standing out! If you’re not getting noticed on LinkedIn, there is a reason why. It’s not because you need to add more details in your profile, although a […]

How a Google Search Elevates Your LinkedIn Presence

How Google Search Elevate Business

In business, we are digitally checked out every day. Our prospects often start with a Google search which likely shows your LinkedIn profile at the top of the search result. Research from a Chitika research study showed that the top three results from a Google search get nearly two-thirds of all the clicks meaning people don’t often […]

Creating a Newsletter for Your LinkedIn Network

Creating a Newsletter for Your LinkedIn Network

Newsletters are not dead! That’s why LinkedIn provides users the ability to produce a newsletter that your network can subscribe to. Last year LinkedIn rolled out ‘Creator Mode’ to all LinkedIn users. The benefits of turning on this feature is the ability to produce a newsletter and LinkedIn Lives which I wrote about in “Creator […]

Add a Career Break to Your LinkedIn Profile

Add Career Break to LinkedIn Profile

You can now add Career Breaks to the Experience section on your LinkedIn profile. This new feature allows you to add context and share details about career breaks you’ve taken outside of regular employment in your work experience. Taking a career break is common in today’s working world and up until now was difficult to […]

4 Proven Ways to Improve Referability for More Quality Leads

4 Proven Ways to Improve Referability for More Quality Leads

Using the LinkedIn network you already have established to generate more referrals and leads is simple when you follow these four proven strategies. Many consultants, salespeople and other professionals looking to gain more sales make the mistake of cold lead generation rather than leveraging the warm network they already have. I recently wrote another blog […]

Generate More Leads from Your LinkedIn Network

Generate more leads

There are many ways to generate more leads from your LinkedIn network especially utilizing some of the newest platform updates. There is more to leveraging your network for leads than cold messaging without a lead in. Working the network you have can be a much shorter sales cycle thus producing faster results. Here are 4 […]

5 Simple Ways to Showcase Your Expertise on LinkedIn [updated 2023]

Standing out on LinkedIn can be challenging when there are over 930 million members worldwide and approximately 46% are considered active users. But fear not, here are 5 simple ways to showcase your expertise on LinkedIn, drive visibility and build influence. 1. Create a Compelling Headline First impressions matter.If your LinkedIn profile headline is too […]

How to Use Your Comments as a Prospecting Tool

How to use commenting as a prospecting tool

To get in front of ideal prospects on LinkedIn takes more than trolling the home page and giving a thumbs up like to random posts. Leaving a comment on a post when done with a strategy can be your best tool for prospecting. Everyone is busy, so let’s get that off the table. Scrolling your […]


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