Newest LinkedIn Updates Driving Engagement & Opportunities

Connection on LinkedIn is available on mobile image

LinkedIn is rolling out some new update the second half of 2017 that should be really appealing to both marketing and sales as the updates are driving engagement and opportunities. It is obvious to me that LinkedIn is working to offer better solutions for users to meet their business objectives. For those of you who […]

LinkedIn’s New Search Appearance Feature – Clues for Getting Found

Image for LinkedIn’s New Search Appearance Feature-Clues for Getting Found

LinkedIn offers a new feature called LinkedIn search appearance You can find search appearances right below your header section of your profile. This new LinkedIn feature offers you clues into learning how people found you in a search. From your profile on both mobile and desktop see how many people found you on a LinkedIn […]

How to Use LinkedIn Articles to Gain Greater Visibility

How to Use LinkedIn Articles to Gain Greater Visibility

LinkedIn first opened the publishing opportunity to 150 thought leaders such Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra before opening it up to everyone in 2014. This post is about how to use LinkedIn articles to gain more visibility. Now with the release of the new desktop interface, LinkedIn has renamed publisher to simply articles. As you […]

LinkedIn’s New Desktop Redesign

LinkedIn New Desktop Redesign

strong>My profile just rolled over to LinkedIn’s new desktop redesign which has been rolling out over the past several months to all LinkedIn users. If you use LinkedIn’s mobile app then you will notice how similar the design is giving LinkedIn more congruency now with their brand on all devices. In a recent statement by […]

Protect Your Data Now Before LinkedIn’s Redesign

Protect Your Data Now Before LinkedIn’s Redesign

I recently wrote a post “LinkedIn Announces Major Desktop Redesign” regarding the impending roll out of their total update and redesign. When LinkedIn announces changes to the platform such as this the one thing they never do is tell you what day, week or even month the change will occur. You will simply login one […]

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn Redesigns Company Pages

LinkedIn is rolling out a new redesign for company pages which is much more robust offering great opportunity to build both your brand and employer awareness. Company pages give you tools to drive quality applicants and measure key results on your brand’s engagement. The redesign is congruent with the upcoming personal profile redesign and offers […]

LinkedIn Announces Major Desktop Redesign

Jeff Weiner announces major desktop redesign

LinkedIn is again on the move and this week announces major desktop redesign coming soon to all LinkedIn members. The announcement was made by CEO Jeff Wiener who said these updates continue to align with their mission. With over 450+ members, they are increasingly focused on engaging the members. They are developing the world’s economic […]

LinkedIn Jumps in on the Native Video Craze

LinkedIn Jumps Native Video Craze

LinkedIn Jumps in on the Native Video Craze by Introducing 30 second Videos. According to LinkedIn, it has been rolled out to 500 current LinkedIn influencers “ to share their thoughts on trending professional topics and news, ranging from diversity and workplace culture, to education and innovation.” When LinkedIn launched published posts they offered it […]

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for 26 Billion


So what will this mean for the future of LinkedIn? The huge announcement June 13, 2016 that Microsoft buys LinkedIn for 26 Billion took most people by surprise.  It is too early to say what the future will be for LinkedIn, but many speculations have been made about LinkedIn’s future following the stock dive earlier […]

LinkedIn Updated Privacy Settings

LinkedIn Announces New Updated Privacy Setting Managing your privacy online should be a priority, something you review multiple times a year. LinkedIn updated privacy settings will roll out to all LinkedIn members in March 2016.  It has been reported that that no settings have been taken away and no default or preferences have been changed […]


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