3 Simple LinkedIn Hacks to Position Your Brand & Stand Out

Standing out on LinkedIn will set you apart from your competitors if you know how to leverage the features that will enhance your profile so you make a great first impression. When I work with business owners, consultants, sales professionals and others who want to stand out I first want them to know that the […]

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Getting noticed on LinkedIn for your expertise when there are over 840 million profiles can seem daunting. With a strategy and consistency, you can easily win at standing out! If you’re not getting noticed on LinkedIn, there is a reason why. It’s not because you need to add more details in your profile, although a […]

How a Google Search Elevates Your LinkedIn Presence

How Google Search Elevate Business

In business, we are digitally checked out every day. Our prospects often start with a Google search which likely shows your LinkedIn profile at the top of the search result. Research from a Chitika research study showed that the top three results from a Google search get nearly two-thirds of all the clicks meaning people don’t often […]

Is your LinkedIn Profile Dominated with Overused, Meaningless Words?

Is your LinkedIn Profile Dominated with Overused, Meaningless Words

10 Most Overused Buzz Words in LinkedIn Profiles Every year LinkedIn publishes the 10 most overused words used in profiles. I find that when your LinkedIn profile is dominated with overused, meaningless words, we are not differentiating ourselves or our brand which means we are not standing out in a field of competitors. 1. Specialized […]

How CEOs Grow LinkedIn Presence [updated 2021]

Executives who implement a LinkedIn strategy gain a true competitive edge particularly since 61% of CEOs have no social presence whatsoever according to the Social CEO reported in CEO.com. Learn how other CEOs grow their LinkedIn presence and garner insights for your profile. In the same report, 70% of CEOs who are active on just […]


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