Commenting Liking on LinkedIn Today Newsfeed

Add Value to Your Connections by Commenting and Liking on LinkedIn Today Newsfeed

LinkedIn Today is a news feature provided by LinkedIn to offer relevant news articles that you will see at the top of your profile when you login.  “LinkedIn Today was built on the premise of providing a relevant, customizable news experience based on key news and updates trending in your industry and the other industries you choose to follow.  As of July 13, 2012, LI will begin rolling a new tab called “Trending in Your Network.”  By simply clicking on this tab, members will have yet another filter to sort through all of the professional news articles and industry updates, based on those articles that are currently the most popular among members of their professional networks, regardless of their industry.”

Use of Commenting and Liking On LinkedIn’s NewsfeedCommenting Liking on LinkedIn Today Newsfeed

This new feature allows you to engage and create a dialogue around the news headlines that matter most to you, as well as learn what is currently trending online. “This means, members will be able to see a snapshot of what’s top of mind among their professional networks.”

According to LinkedIn, “These two new features, together with the existing customizable news feed, allow members to not only narrow down the most timely and relevant information needed when needed, but to also gather valuable insights about other like-minded individuals within their professional networks and beyond.” Sharing goes both ways on LinkedIn. Be generous and offer expertise, too. Reap the benefits of an expansive network by commenting and liking more often in LinkedIn’s newsfeed.

LinkedIn Offers you Several Ways to add Value to Your Connections:

For positive ideas to cultivate a more engaging experience on LinkedIn, try putting in a little more effort into adding value to others. Ways to add the value of commenting and Liking on LinkedIn Today newsfeed:

* Using the Mentions feature
* Liking
* Commenting
* Sharing
* Referrals
* Endorse
* Make connections

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Client Testimonials of Wins in LinkedIn Newsfeed


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