Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

Turn on the Messaging Function for your Company Page

LinkedIn is expanding the features available for company pages which means they are supporting and promoting companies to create and use what they commonly refer to simply as ‘Pages’.

LinkedIn company pages are beneficial not just for large companies but for small businesses as well to further establish a brand.

As of Q1 2023 there were 61 million companies listed globally. From the massive growth of ‘Pages’ it appears companies are stepping up to show up on LinkedIn which only makes sense on the largest business dedicated social platform.

There are numerous reasons companies should build and maintain a presence on LinkedIn. Here are some interesting stats from 2022, which I’m sure have grown in 2023 but the data has not yet been published as of this post.

According to LinkedIn as of February 2022:

  • There are 90 million senior-level influencers on LinkedIn.
  • 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn.
  • 17 million opinion leaders are LinkedIn users.
  • 10 million C-level executives are using LinkedIn.

As of Q1 2023 – there were a whopping 930M users globally!

[NEW] Turn on the messaging function

The messaging button offers a new touchpoint for visitors to reach out to your company quickly.

When messaging for your Page is enabled, members can click the Message button to directly communicate with your Page. Messages appear in your Page inbox, where you can view and respond to the messages on your Page. When you use messaging for Pages as an admin, your activity is on behalf of your Page. You can only send a message to a member if they message your Page first.

Who Can Use this feature on your team?

You must be a super or content admin to view and reply to messages for your Page. Messaging is currently available for certain Pages and will gradually be made available to all Pages.

I recommend testing this feature if you are consistently posting to your company page, if you find you or your team can’t manage this you can disable the messaging feature to remove the Message button from your Page and stop receiving new messages from members.

How to enable the Message button:

  1. Go to your Page super or content admin view.
  2. Click Inbox in the left menu.
  3. Click the More icon to the right of Inbox.
  4. Select Inbox settings from the dropdown menu.
  5. Turn on the Message button toggle on the right.
  6. Select at least two conversation topics.
  7. Click Save in the upper-right corner.

Company Pages vs Individual Profiles

Building out a company page continually offers ways to let page followers know about what’s going on in the company. This could be news about employees to new products or services or trade shows your company will be attending.

Individuals invite people to connect with them personally. Pages invite people to ‘Follow’ the company page to get notifications of when a company posts content.

Individual employees will want to connect to their profile to the company page and a little know feature is teaching employees how to invite their personal connections which can be customers, prospects and industry leaders to ‘Follow’ the company page.

This is a huge benefit to the company because building followers can grow quickly.

Each month employees can invite up to 30 of their first-degree connections to ‘Follow’ the company page.

There are many ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page Marketing which I wrote about in this post. Here is a bit more about ‘Followers’

How to grow you LinkedIn company page followers

Simply, you need people to ‘follow’ the page in order to have people to see your posts. ‘Company pages grow slowly, but in-time can be worth the effort. Having a dedicated admin to oversee the page is preferable.
LinkedIn provides you 250 free invitation credits per page admin – so who should you invite?

First add your connections that matter (I’m not a fan of inviting your entire network because for most people, everyone is not relevant). You want to invite people who are most likely to accept and respond favorably.

Invite potential customers or prospects in your pipeline. Get in the habit of inviting each new connection from a personal profile to follow your company page while they are top of mind with you.

When posting content to your company page, as part of your call to action, ask people to click on the ‘Follow’ button at the top of the page, (See my posts for an example.)

Also new in 2023 people can also click the bell at the top of your company page header to get notifications of your posts. If they click the bell they can choose ‘Get all Posts’ – ‘Get Top Posts’ – or ‘No new Posts’ which means you only get notified about activity involving you.

More ways to grow your company page and presence.

  • Create & send a newsletter to page followers
  • Hold digital events on your company page
  • Use data/analytics to make good marketing decisions

To learn more about building out your company page and training your page admin and or employees to leverage LinkedIn, schedule a call with me to discuss how to incorporate a LinkedIn strategy.

JoAnne Funch – Schedule a call with me: https://joannefunch5-5.youcanbook.me/

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