LinkedIn Company Page Updates [September 2022]

LinkedIn Company Page Updates [September 2022]

LinkedIn company pages are a must for small businesses or solo consultants and not just large corporations. A LinkedIn company page adds value and credibility to your brand.

Your company page is where you can brag more about your company and solutions. LinkedIn Company Pages provide a unique way for your organization to stand out from the noise. You can shine a light on employees, post job opportunities, along with highlighting new products or services.

An additional benefit of having a company page is that it pulls your logo into your experience section next to your title which provides more credibility visually versus the blank grey default box.

According to social media company Hootsuite, who wrote in an article, 2 excellent reasons to have a company page on LinkedIn are:

  • Publicity: Consider LinkedIn just one more place where media can officially reach you, or where the public can learn more about what’s new and notable with the company.
  • Discoverability: Creating a page on LinkedIn is just best practice for good SEO. Having an official presence here will help you pop up in search results.

Setting Up a Company Page

Setting up a company page is simple, you can use this link:

Click on the ‘Company’ box and complete each section of your company page profile.

One of the more important sections for marketing is your tagline. This is where in one sentence you want to describe what you do and speak to the results your ideal customer wants.

You want to add a header image that stands out and is like a billboard for your business.

Important tips:

  • Use a high-resolution logo or image for the small logo box, make it a square
  • Think of your page banner as a billboard that can be changed. Use it to promote an event, special promotion or new product.
  • The tagline of your company – resonates with buyers so they want to learn more
  • Call to action button – website or a sales page you want to take people to

Company page content:

Your company page content can differ from what you post to your personal profile. You can use the company page to talk more specifically about your products and services.

  • Events
  • Polls
  • Brag or congratulate employees or company accomplishments
  • Post a new product or service

There are many forms of content and ways to enhance a post, in the image below you will see many options.

Think of your company page as a hub and community.

Here are four advantages for your LinkedIn company page:

  1. A company page is a perfect place to post your company updates and news for customers, employees, investors, and fans to review and share.
  2. Post open jobs and connect with potential employees
  3. Build a community – Your LinkedIn Company Page is a place to build a community of LinkedIn members who are interested in your business, updates, and jobs]
  4. Get found in an online search
    LinkedIn Company Pages rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) like any other website or social network. Creating a Page gives your company another opportunity to be discovered by those searching for your products, services, or brand

How to Grow Page Followers

Assign as many content admins as you want from the company to post on the page.
Admins can also like or comment on your profile as your page.

They can also invite connections to follow the company page. Click on the ‘Invite connections’ tab below ‘Grow your followers’ and you will see you network populate; you can select the box next to the name you choose and they will be sent an invitation to follow your page.

Don’t expect people to follow your page unless you have content worth following. Put yourself in their shoes, what would they learn by following your page other than sales pitches?

Track Analytics

Gain insight into the performance of your LinkedIn Page with rich analytics that gauge trends across metrics and time periods. Analytics are available for all Page admin roles.

The LinkedIn Page analytics module offers admins an overview of their Page’s performance through the number of unique visitors, new followers, post impressions, and custom button clicks your Page has received.

The module is located on the left side of the All Pages or Home tab in your admin view.

Company Page Events

Posting events from your company page is a great for lead generation, brand building and top of mind awareness.

The LinkedIn Page Events tab displays all LinkedIn Events hosted by an organization in ascending chronological order. The tab will only display if an organization has hosted an Event.

As a Page super or content admin, you can only view the Events listed on the Events tab. Editing through the tab isn’t currently available. However, you can manage your Page Events from your admin view. If you cancel or delete an Event, it’ll be removed from the Events tab.

LinkedIn Product Pages

LinkedIn Product Pages allow organizations to highlight their products on LinkedIn. You can create Product Pages to showcase your organization’s products on your Page’s Product or Products tab. The tab only appears for members after you create a Product Page.

Here are the instructions for setting up a product page.

Add a Company Page Product to your personal profile as a skill

You can now add a product as a skill on your personal profile. Allows you to display up to three linked Product Icons in the individual Experiences on your profile. Your company must have a product page in order to use this feature and is in the following industries: Business-to-Business (B2B) Software, Computer Hardware, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, or Pharmaceutical. If your Company has a Product page and your Product name isn’t showing available as a Skills option, your account has not had this feature rolled out to it yet.

To add a product to your skills section: 

  • First, go to Experience section of your profile
  • Click on Pencil ✐ to edit
  • Locate Experience you want to edit and click on the Pencil 
  • Scroll down to [Skills] and click on [Add Skills]
  • Type in Product name into open box, click the option that matches and has a product icon in the dropdown box
  • Save

[NEW FEATURE] Our Featured Commitments

Increasingly in today’s market, job seekers are evaluating potential employers based on their values. LinkedIn’s latest feature offers Companies a section to their company page called Our featured commitments that allows them to showcase values along with more meaningful content, including reports, certifications, articles, blogs, and videos.

Members can easily view these commitments and the documentation provided by each company to assess authenticity. Members will also be able to search for companies with relevant commitments in their job search. 

These commitments are featured prominently on the About section of a company page as opposed to the Life tab. Companies can feature up to 5 commitments on their Company Page, such as:  

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion 
  • Career growth and learning 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Social impact 
  • Environmental sustainability

To see if your company has this feature:

  1. Open Company Page
  2. Click blue button (✎ Edit Page) for Edit popup
  3. Click (Commitments) from left side nav to have Edit popup
  4. Click the Toggle for (Featured commitments) to Turn on
  5. Click (+Add commitment from the drop-down box – complete description)

Differences in each Commitment:

  • Career growth and learning
  • Add Programs (separated by commas, up to 500 spaces)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion, Environmental sustainability, & Social Impact:
  • Add a Company pledge URL (Report or Pledge)
  • Work-life balance
  • Add a benefit from the following presets: Child care support, Paid maternity leave, Paid paternity leave, Commuter benefits, Casual Dress, Company Shuttles, Company Wellness Days, Dedicated Focus Hours, Family Medical Leave, Flexible Time Off, Flexible Working Hours, Flexible Working Location, Free Meals, Free Snacks, Gym On-Site, Meal Vouchers, Mental Health Benefits, Non-Linear Workdays, On-Site Clinic, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Time, Paid Time Off, Pet Friendly Office, Remote Work Options, Sabbatical, Time Allotted for Learning, Travel Stipend, Unlimited Vacation Days, Volunteer Time Off, Wellness Reimbursement, Work From Home (WFH) Options, Work-From-Anywhere Weeks

LinkedIn company pages can be simple or complex depending on the size of your organization. With the roll-out of more and more new features from LinkedIn you can expect that company page features will grow and can be important to your company regardless of size.

I would encourage smaller organizations to utilize the EVENTS tab and leverage LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live allows approved members and Pages to broadcast live video content to a LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Page, or Event.

How are you using your LinkedIn Company Page? Leave me a comment below.

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