Control Your LinkedIn Feed with More Content You Want to See

Control Your LinkedIn Feed

LinkedIn users often complain about what they see in the newsfeed. It can be more confusing than random; this post shows you several ways to gain control of your LinkedIn feed delivering content you want to see.

LinkedIn’s default setting from the HOME tab also referred to as the newsfeed is set to show you what they deem as the ‘Top’ posts. I’m not a fan of that setting because what LinkedIn thinks is top may not be what I think or want to see as top posts.

You can click the drop-down arrow and click to ‘Recent’ which shows you posts in real time from those you follow and that are in your network. I find that with this setting the posts I see are most relevant to me.

The good news is that you can change the settings to permanently choose recent or top posts. (See the image below).

  1. Click the Me icon at the top right of the home tab.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown. The Account preferences page appears by default.
  3. Click Feed preferences under General preferences.
  4. Select your preferred permanent feed view from the Feed Preferences page. The change is saved automatically.

If you don’t like political content in your feed, you can turn that off in the same section. (See graphic above).

Other ways to customize & control your feed

Here are some best practices to customize posts and other updates that appear on your feed, through the control menu:

  1. Follow other members by clicking their blue follow button or the bell at the top of their profile.  With the latest algorithm update, LinkedIn has let us know they are favoring content to those you are following. So you are more likely to see posts in your feed by those people you follow.

    You can also unfollow or mute people if you no longer want to see their posts.
  2. Hashtags – if you have chose to follow specific hashtags because you want to see what people are talking about under those topics, this is a great way to see relevant content in your feed,

    You can also unfollow hashtags to discontinue seeing those hashtag topics in your feed.
  3. Tell LinkedIn what you dislike – If you see content in your feed that you don’t believe to be high-quality or relevant to you, you can choose I don’t want to see this post. You can let them know why you aren’t interested in seeing the content anymore.

4. Flag inappropriate content – We encourage you to report inappropriate or offensive content to help us keep LinkedIn constructive.

Now that you are getting the content that matters, you want to implement your engagement strategy to connect with the people and posts that matter to you and your strategy.

To learn more about developing your content and engagement strategy of your own, schedule a free call to discuss how I can help you stand out and position your expertise.


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