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LinkedIn Online Video Training Courses by JoAnne Funch
LinkedIn Online Video Training Courses by JoAnne Funch

LinkedIn Courses: LinkedIn Online Video Training Courses

LinkedIn Advanced Strategies

LinkedIn Advanced Strategies:

Session 1 – Define & Create a strategy for success
● WHY – Define your objectives to get the results you want
● Create a clear plan or strategy for connecting and prospecting the people you want to do business with rather than shooting from the hip
● Create a process: Specific revenue generating activities will you need to take daily, weekly & on-going to get the results you want

Session 2 – Profile Credibility

● Does your LinkedIn profile build credibility & convert prospects?
● Predict how you are perceived when someone visits your profile – examples of high converting profiles
● Reputation Management: knowing how you are showing up
● Distinguishing your brand from your competition
● Defining your personal brand & create your unique story (Old way vs. New way of branding)

Session 3 – Develop a strategic, purposeful network of connections

● Develop a strategic network for long-term success
● How to find your ideal connections
● Customized messages for higher conversions (Receive top converting scripts)
● Engagement strategies to stand out
● 3rd party tools that help organize, search & track key contacts

Session 4 – Conversion Process

● Create a repeatable process that you design once
● Outline your follow-up system
● Write an effective call to action
● Develop a reputation of being the ‘go-to’ resource in your niche

– Worksheets & guides for each section
– Prewritten message scripts to enhance communication
– Resource List of 3rd party tools
– LinkedIn Group
– and we’ll answer all your questions to ensure you meet your goals!

$497.00 (with 2-pay plan available)

“I took the LinkedIn Advanced Strategies course because I was 100% inefficient with my skills on LinkedIn even though I have been using it for many years but had little results to show for it. What I learned has paid for the course. JoAnne is deliberate & methodical in the training and doesn’t skim over complicated material. She is easy to learn from and always willing to answer questions – I would highly recommend this course.” – Bill Arland, President Trade Show Solutions Inc.

“I decided to take the LinkedIn Advanced Strategies course because I realized I was missing the boat on real opportunities while I was waiting for people to find me. The big ah ha came when I realized that networking online was the same concept as offline but I could reach more people having a virtual coffee meeting faster and JoAnne provided strategies to do that. The course also taught me to go beyond my profile and define my brand, get involved by being engaged with my connections and their content – no more “Likes.” I now make thoughtful comments generating more exposure. I would highly recommend this course. JoAnne goes the extra mile to be responsive to questions which is rare with most online courses. She engages, is patient and I feel like I have developed a new partner in her.” – Wyn Davies, Business Advisor, C.F. Advisors LLC.

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LinkedIn Courses for Business Advancement On-line


Testimonial on our LinkedIn Online Video Training Courses I’ve taken two of JoAnne’s classes and I found both to be incredibly useful. Whether you are are looking to find leads or just make your profile more readable and straight-forward, the class works. Highly recommended! – Philip J. Ruce, J.D., LL.M. Trust and Estate Planning Attorney.


“JoAnne did a great job explaining the steps to navigate all the prime benefits of LinkedIn. I found it fascinating to explore the depths of what LinkedIn can do for you, and immediately found components of her training to implement. I recommend her training for businesses who are serious about growing their professional brand by building relationships on-line. All in all – a training of tremendous value!”– Jeannie Hill – Hill Web Creations



JoAnne Funch, owner of LinkedIn for Business: knows how to help individuals learn LinkedIn and how to train LinkedIn users. Expert in teaching LinkedIn strategies, LinkedIn company trainings , and how to offer courses to businesses learning how to use LinkedIn .

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