Creator Mode UPDATE May 2024

LinkedIn Creator Mode Update 2024

I’ve written many articles here on this blog on the LinkedIn feature Creator Mode which was originally brought out in 2021. The initial concept was to both encourage and help creators get their posts viewed by more of their network.

At the time, LinkedIn was encouraging users to post useful content which if they found it useful would share it organically to a large audience in your network and beyond. (What you thought was useful may have been different then what LinkedIn deemed useful – thus your statistics reflected it.)

This resulted in post getting high rates of organic post impressions, which drove up engagement and profile views. So, if you have been posting since that time you benefitted from the organic reach until 2023, when LinkedIn made large algorithm updates, which dramatically affected the reach of posts.

A 15% decline in reach in February, in September 2023, drop in reach was -40+%, -25% engagement.

In the first quarter of 2024 LinkedIn announced there would be changes to Creator Mode and specifically said the blue button at the top of your profile where you could Connect or Follow would be removed.

If you already have creator mode turned on, you would still be afforded the additional Creator tools: LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Audio, Newsletters, Follow Link.


The 5 hashtags related to what you talk about are now gone.

Where is creator mode now?

In April 2024, I wrote an update on Creator Mode showing you were you could change your setting to and from Follower to Connect, see the screen shots in this article:

If you turned on creator mode early on, you also had the ability to add a link to your website. This looks to have been eliminated for anyone who has a free account and turn on ‘follower’ now.
If you have it, I encourage you to leave well enough alone because LinkedIn changed the link to a custom button that you can link to any URL, but this is a Premium feature only now!


Now all members can create newsletters. See instructions:

LinkedIn Live and Events

As of this writing, I am not clear from LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Live and Audio events will be available for everyone. It is now currently, but with so many changes to Creator Mode, I would keep checking back.

Creator Mode Today

When I click on my profile analytics, the image below shows that I still have all the creator tools and in this week’s data, post impressions are down.

If you have additional questions regarding creator mode, please message me.

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