Developing Your Personal Brand

This course offers a step-by-step process to creating your personal brand that can be used to create a coherent message on your LinkedIn profile, resume, all social platforms and your other important places you want to cohesive brand message such as your website, speaker bio, introduction etc.

When we think about personal branding we gravitate to a logo and website, but it starts with reputation as it relates to business.  

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

- Steve Forbes editor and chief of Forbes media

Personal branding is now a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, get their dream job, or simply move to the next level of their career. 

This is a video training with complete worksheets to walk you through each step of the personal branding process. 

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Learn to Write a Personal Brand Statement the Smart Way

JoAnne Funch

I have worked with hundreds of professionals all across the globe to tell their career story and build a personal brand the increases visibility, credibility and drives more opportunities and I can help you stand out and get noticed too.

I created this course to help those who want a DYI solution to flush out the key components of a personal brand and that be used across all platforms including LinkedIn.

You want to demonstrate a cohesive message that positions your expertise and credibility that increases the know, like and trust factor.

— JoAnne Funch

There is a difference between a job title and a personal brand!

"JoAnne was fantastic! She training was thoughtful, professional and incredibly insightful. I especially appreciated her patience and willingness to educate me to flush out my professional story. I am so grateful to be a client of hers. I highly recommend her trainings to anyone who wants to "step up their game"

Greg Landry

An Easier & Faster Way to Get it Done Like a Pro!

  •  Work at your own pace virtually from the comfort of your home or office
  •  Developmental worksheets to flush out the key components of your personal brand
  •  Focus on LinkedIn profile to incorporate your personal brand statement
  •  6 Simple Actions to build awareness for your brand 

Course Information

This video course offers you a simple, step by step method of flushing out the key components of a personal brand utilizing our worksheets followed by sample templates designed to establish your credibility & develop your uniqueness. 

Video Training Includes

  • Developing your personal brand
  • Developing your personal brand bio’s
  • Building awareness for your brand

“I have taken a number of LinkedIn workshops and although they were good they did not come close to JoAnne's class! She provided more than a few "nuggets"! Her material was more like a trunkful of gems. The before and after examples were simply amazing."

Martin DeMarte, Realtor

Who This Course Is For

This personal branding course is for anyone looking to grow their business, get their dream job, or simply move to the next level of their career.

This is a do-it-yourself option designed for those professionals who want a little guidance to update their personal brand messaging and level up their brand awareness.

For those who want a DONE-FOR-YOU option, we will update your LinkedIn profile with your personal brand components, click here.

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“When it comes to understanding LinkedIn, and what makes a great LinkedIn profile, JoAnne is among the best of the best. She helps clients turn an average profile into a great profile, and that helps them get noticed. If you want to stand out on LinkedIn, JoAnne can help gets results.”

Matt Krumrie, Resume Writer