Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn [Updated]

Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn

Do you wonder what happened to the long forgotten unvisited contacts in LinkedIn?

In 2013, when you used to click on your contacts under network on the navigation bar, you used to see at the bottom of the listings on the left column the word Hidden. And these Hidden contacts were the contacts that LinkedIn decided were less relevant for you, but the ones that you could retrieve at any time.

Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn

The Hidden Contacts Feature is Now Gone

Your LinkedIn contacts are still in one place. Click ‘My Network’ on the navigation bar on the top of your profile, then on the left sidebar you will see ‘Manage my Network’ and ‘Connections.’

You will see how the sidebar has changed offering updated categories that are relevant to your network.

By clicking on ‘Connections’ you now see a list of all your connections in order of the most recent connection added to your network on top. You can also search your connections by first or last name.

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Hidden Contacts Are Now at the Bottom of Your Contacts List

You can look at hidden contacts now as those connections that are the oldest and often are out of sight. How many of us connected with someone 5 or even 10 years ago and we have not stayed in contact with them.

Forgetting long visited connections or clients, who were important but went down the stack due to the contact overload, is common for LinkedIn users.  Nevertheless, these contacts which are pushed to the back seat for any reason still could hold the importance and relevance for your business engagement even today!

So how should we get in touch?

There are many communication skills and tactics to nurture your LinkedIn network, starting with knowing the current goals of your business. Aligning business goals to a network that can help you meet those goals is critical.

Knowing WHO makes a great connection will help you reconnect. I always recommend a friendly outreach message that is not transactional but warm and friendly.
If the person responds to your outreach, you can take the next step in communication to keep a conversation going.

Another question I get asked quite a lot is “Can I remove a contact/connection from my network?”

Some individuals wish to hide their LinkedIn contacts for more privacy.

The answer is YES, and here are the steps:

There are several ways to remove a connection first, if you navigate to your connections list from the ‘My Network’ navigation bar as noted above, you will see 3 dots … to the right of the message box, click the 3 dots and you will see ‘Remove Connection.’

Once a connection is removed they are not notified and any messaging you may have had is gone.

To remove a connection or delete a contact, visit that person’s profile. In the top area of the profile that shows the person’s name, company, and other details, you see a blue ‘Message’ button and to the right of that is a ‘More’ button. Moving your cursor over the button will show you a drop-down list, which gives you the option to remove the connection

Stay in the know with all the LinkedIn changes taking place lately. If you are having a challenge catching up, follow our blog that offers LinkedIn features you may have missed.

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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the tips, JoAnne. It is a good idea to regularly check on one’s hidden contacts to ensure that LinkedIn is resonating with whom you consider important. The question of removing contacts has indeed been surfacing in different Group discussions. Hopefully it is an indication that users are starting to take LinkedIn seriously and connecting with people they know or wish to nurture professional relationships with, rather than a race to show how popular they are like in other social media platforms!

    1. Vatsala,

      Thank you for your comment on the article. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding people’s engagement on LinkedIn. I always suggest in my workshops that LinkedIn is about quality networking, not a race to collect as many names as possible. I always ask people who invite me to their network the question something like “What did you have in mind when you invited me to your network” – I never accept a defaulted invitation without further probing. – thanks again for your comment. – JoAnne

  2. Hi. My Network shows a number of connections but when I choose Manage my connections, I don’t see everyone. Was I blocked by that connection? I try to search a particular person but doesn’t come up. Thanks

    1. If I understand your question, you are not ‘blocked’ by connections but you can be removed and LinkedIn does not notify anyone when they are removed. When you are in ‘Manage Your Network’ the list is automatically shown with your most recent connections at the top. You can filter the list by name also.
      If this doesn’t answer your question, please let me know. – JoAnne

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