Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn

Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn
Find out Why You Have Hidden Contact in LinkedIn

When you click on your contacts under network on the navigation bar you see at the bottom of the listings on the left column the word Hidden.

Have you ever wondered why you have hidden connections? I get asked this question on occasion so thought it was worth writing the explanation. You will find many tips for using LinkedIn contacts for lead generation on my website.

LinkedIn Contacts can bring all your contacts into one place by syncing your contact sources. Because the number of contacts can be overwhelming, the feature automatically hides contacts that are not likely to be important to you. Hidden contacts won’t show up in any of your contact lists, but they’ll always be available in search when you want them.

How to Learn Why you have Hidden Contacts in LinkedIn

5 Steps to manually hide a LinkedIn contact:Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn

1. Log in to LinkedIn

2. Click on settings

3. Move your cursor over a contact’s name.

4. Click More when it appears under the name and “Select who can see your connections”.

5. Select Hide.

4 Steps to Un-hide a LinkedIn Contact:

1. Click Contacts at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

2. Click Hidden from the list on the left side of the page.

3. Check the box next to each contact name you want to un-hide.

4. Click More at the top of the Contacts box and select Unhide.

Another question I get asked quite a lot is “Can I remove a contact/connection from my network?”

Some individuals wish to hide their LinkedIn contacts for more privacy.

The answer is YES, and here are the steps:

To remove a connection or delete a contact, visit that person’s profile. In the top area of the profile that shows the person’s name, company, and other details, move your cursor over the arrow portion of the large blue button. Moving your cursor over the button will show you a drop down list, which gives you the option to remove the connection or delete the contact. By typing an “@” sign prior to including someone’s name in your post or comments, you find the person and select them in the drop-down list, the person’s name will be hyperlinked to their LinkedIn profile. Simultaneously, LinkedIn will send a message that they were mentioned in your update. Likewise, you can do the same with business names.

Stay in the know with all the LinkedIn changes taking place lately. If you are having a challenge catching up, follow our blog that offers LinkedIn features you may have missed.

“If you want more privacy on your LinkedIn account, one method is to hide your connections. They are underneath your name in the top right-hand corner. People will always be able to see shared connections.” –

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JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

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3 thoughts on “Do you wonder why you have hidden contacts in LinkedIn”

  1. Thanks for sharing the tips, JoAnne. It is a good idea to regularly check on one’s hidden contacts to ensure that LinkedIn is resonating with whom you consider important. The question of removing contacts has indeed been surfacing in different Group discussions. Hopefully it is an indication that users are starting to take LinkedIn seriously and connecting with people they know or wish to nurture professional relationships with, rather than a race to show how popular they are like in other social media platforms!

    1. Vatsala,

      Thank you for your comment on the article. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding people’s engagement on LinkedIn. I always suggest in my workshops that LinkedIn is about quality networking, not a race to collect as many names as possible. I always ask people who invite me to their network the question something like “What did you have in mind when you invited me to your network” – I never accept a defaulted invitation without further probing. – thanks again for your comment. – JoAnne

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