Empower Your People and Gain Competitive Advantage

Empower Your People and Gain Competitive AdvantageJump Ahead of your Competition with LinkedIn Advantages You Can Leverage

Many companies don’t have a social media policy nor do they understand how to gain competitive advantage using LinkedIn.  In fact, most company employees use LinkedIn independently for sales connections and HR uses LinkedIn for recruiting.  There are huge benefits to those organizations that encourage the use of LinkedIn and leverage employees to be your best brand advocates. Empower your own staff to use LinkedIn for lead generation.

LinkedIn Offers Huge Benefits to Companies

I advise companies to understand that LinkedIn is a personal and corporate branding platform. People use LinkedIn for one reason and that is for business!  With that said, LinkedIn is then relevant to all employees which are your greatest asset and your greatest source of brand advocates.

Employees with socially-encouraging employers are significantly more likely to help boost sales than employees whose employers aren’t socially encouraging – 72% vs. 48%” – Weber Shandwick

Benefits to Training Your Employees

1. When your employees have great LinkedIn profiles your brand is automatically elevated.  If you were to Google any one of your employees names their LinkedIn profile will typically come up first showing your company name!

2.  You will see an increase in communications of your brand when you encourage employees to use LinkedIn, growing brand value and revenue.

3.  Being a socially encouraging brand means employees will want to talk about the company, sharing insights.

4.  You will attract better talent.  There is nothing better to build a brand and attract great talent when employees are talking about the company.

Letting Go of People Job Searching & Being Recruited

I so often hear that if I encourage my employees to use LinkedIn they will either use it to job search or will be recruited away from me.  My answer to that is – “Change your mindset.”  If you are a company that engages your employees, trusts their skills and judgement and encourage them at every opportunity to grow within your company than this is a non-issue.  Look at it from the other side, if you become a socially encouraging brand as I mentioned above than you are empowering your people developing a win/win organization.

Success Always Starts at the Top

As with any organization leaders must lead the charge in any initiative.  When the CEO has a great LinkedIn profile and displays a certain amount of engagement that will drive the entire organization.  When searching companies on LinkedIn you know that you see all the employees who work for that company and have a LinkedIn profile.  When you click on the employees that work for the company and the CEO and all other leadership has no photo and incomplete profiles it doesn’t send a positive message about the company being socially progressive.

Although CEOs are gradually joining the social media bandwagon, it remains an opportunity to stand out from top-level peers.  A study conducted last year by CEO.com revealed that 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs had no social presence whatsoever – not even on LinkedIn. Their loss is an easy gain for social savvy CEOs. – Forbes 2014

Bottom line, social media does offer a competitive advantage and those leaders who implement social programs involving employees will see greater returns in brand recognition, brand value and revenue.

Take advantage of our LinkedIn courses for your team. To empower your people and gain competitive advantages, contact me:  [email protected]

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