Did You Ever Want to Take Something Back

Did You Ever Want to Take Something BackDid you ever just want to take something back that you have said or done?  Sure we all have in our career and personal life.

How about on LinkedIn, perhaps you accidentally sent the default message to someone important.   It happens to all of us, for example when you perform a search and you are viewing your results and you click on that blue “CONNECT” button to the right of the name and whooosh, there goes the default invitation. Or another example is using the mobile APP which doesn’t allow personalization of invitations.  Well, did you know you can withdrawn an invitation?  That’s the good news, here’s how to do it:

In many cases, you can withdraw an invitation if the recipient hasn’t taken any action

  1. Click the Inbox icon in the top right of your homepage.
  2. Click Sent on the left.
  3. Find an invitation without “Accepted” next to the name.
  4. Click the subject line of the invitation.
  5. Click Withdraw.
    • If the Withdraw button isn’t there, the invitation can’t be withdrawn. It may have already expired.
    • The recipient won’t be notified about a withdrawn invitation.
    • If you change your mind, you’ll need the recipient’s email address to send them another invitation.

While you can view and delete updates generated to your LinkedIn network when making adjustments to your profile, it is best to be better informed upfront. One useful thing to remember, is that after you post a comment, you can’t edit it, but LinkedIn makes it possible for you to remove it at any time.

To remove a long-form post that you desire to delete:
• Click Profile at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
• Scroll till you find the Posts section and click a long-form post.
• Click Edit post located below your profile photo and your LinkedIn byline.
• Click the Delete button in the top right, next to the Update button.
• Confirm by clicking “Yes, delete it”.

So have you ever wanted to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation? Tell me about it below. – JoAnne

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