How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

How To Export Your LinkedIn ContactsHow To Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Exporting your LinkedIn contacts can be useful for a couple of reasons.

1) emailing contacts directly and inviting them to officially join a program you ,may have, 2) serves as a back up should you be locked out of LinkedIn for some reason.

Easiest Method for Exporting Your LinkedIn Contacts

To export your contacts, open your LinkedIn account and:

1. click Connections

2. then Contacts

3. select Export Connections which you will find located at the bottom right of the screen.

4. select a file format (.CSV and .VCF)

5. click Export saving your list that includes first and last names, company, title and email address.

How to export and Save Your LinkedIn Profile

Exporting your own profile can be useful to track the changes you have made and also to provide a copy or resume of your profile to print and give to someone.

With the new LinkedIn format, open to Profile and select View Profile. Click Edit and Export to PDF. You can now easily save this to your computer and print a that hard copy.

If you need more ideas on exporting your LinkedIn contacts, offer four different methods.

We think it is pretty awesome when someone apologizes and puts clients first.

“We believe that the data our members enter into LinkedIn is theirs and they should be able to export it. We are also committed to ensuring members have control of what data can be exported by their connections. In the coming weeks and months you can expect to see us take additional steps to increase that control and to make the scraping of member data by third parties more difficult. Scraping is against our Terms Of Service and potentially detrimental to the members whose data is being scraped. We are sorry for the inconvenience this caused and resolve to do better in the future.” – LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Exporting Contact Tool Restored

LinkedIn removed the option to export your contacts in July, 2015. To replace it, the company expected users to request an archive of such data. In our world that is immediacy driven, the issue users faced was the delay to obtain contact information. Many users found that it took up to 72 hours to complete.

Then on July 23, an update as issued: Good news! LinkedIn returned the tool after users notified that company that they wanted it.
Now we are back to the standard feature of being able to download our contacts. LinkedIn’s export contacts feature permits you to readily export your own contacts as a downloadable CSV or VCF file. That included new connections made while using the service, as well as any you manually imported into LinkedIn.

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