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LinkedIn Games Feature

Daniel Roth, VP at LinkedIn just announced on May 1, 2024 that LinkedIn continues to bring people together by offering games on LinkedIn!

You read it right – LinkedIn now offers member games! From my perspective, this is another way to keep people on the platform which is the goal of ALL social media sites.

Roth said “Games, knowledge, and news have always gone together — the first “word-cross,” as it was then called, debuted 111 years ago in the New York World — and it’s no wonder. All involve stretching your mind but in complementary ways. You learn, you solve, and the back-and-forth builds on itself.”

“Our goal at LinkedIn is to continue to find ways to bring professionals together to stay informed and connected. That’s why starting today, we’re weaving thinking-oriented games directly into the LinkedIn experience. “

What you need to know

You can find the games in the News module on your LinkedIn homepage, the MyNetwork tab or tap one of these links to go directly to each game: Pinpoint, Crossclimb or Queens. You can also go to: https://www.linkedin.com/games/

You’ll be able to play each game once a day, see other connections who have played that day, and engage in friendly rivalry with leaderboards.

Pinpiont Game in LinkedIn
Here’s an example of what Pinpoint looks like

The LinkedIn News team will “kick off a daily conversation to bring people together to talk about the games — and share weekly stats and gameplay banter in a new newsletter from Games Editor Paolo Pasco (recent winner of the Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament! Congrats Paolo!) on our LinkedIn News page.”


I gave two of the games a try – well, I had to see how it worked so I could share this with you!
Anyway, the conclusion I’ve come to on a first try was that this is a time-suck and takes me away from things I really need to focus on!

But that me! Let me know if you try it and what you think – LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW.

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  1. LinkedIn introducing games is an interesting move, aimed at enhancing user engagement and fostering community interaction. It’s fascinating to see how social media platforms are evolving beyond traditional networking features. However, as with any new feature, it’s essential to balance entertainment with productivity. While games can be fun, it’s important not to let them detract from our main goals and priorities.

    1. Thanks Mark for your input. I couldn’t agree with you more! it seems the social media platforms are search for ways to keep the user on the platform longer and this is one strategy for doing that. Saying focused is KEY.

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