Get Greater Results With a Social Selling Strategy

Get Greater Results With a Social Selling StrategyHow to Win Greater Results With a LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy

Online marketing and social media have changed how we make connections and generate leads.  Are you familiar with the term “Social Selling?”  If not, clarify what is is and what it is not.

So what is LinkedIn social selling? Benefit from the insights that I have gleaned over the years as a MN LinkedIn Speaker and Trainer.

Social selling is not selling rather think of it as serving.   Think of social selling as a way for you to do research on your your ideal clients, connect with them and then build an ongoing relationships. Listen to what they are talking about and offer to serve when you see opportunity.  Pay attention to causes people care about, the school they attended, interests and other optional sections that you can find something to engage your contact in conversation.

Social selling has taken the place of a traditional cold calling strategy.  Sales cycles are often long and building long term relationships are and will continue to be game changers. Just think about it, most of your prospects are already doing research online for what they want, so your job is different, it is to build trust and credibility that you are the person or company they want to do business with.

Top 4 Things to Remember About LinkedIn Social Selling

* Social selling requires a long term strategy and results are not always immediate
* Social selling requires a time investment but the returns will definitely be worth the effort
* Social selling requires showing up consistently
* Social selling is first and foremost people doing business with people

4 Tips For Starting a Social Selling Strategy

  1. Always send a custom invitation letting people know why you are inviting them to your network
  2. Once your contact accepts your invitation, send an immediate thank you and welcome message
  3. Be intentional about an additional follow-up 3-4 weeks following the thank you. Send a link to an article that they may be interested in as an example. The idea is to stay top of mind
  4. Learn to be a listener, see what your customers and connections are talking about, where can you jump in and give value

The more educational and a good resource you can be will build trust in your new relationships.  Remember collecting names in your network with no action just doesn’t make sense. being more intentional with your strategy and sticking to it will garner results!

 I will be writing more about social selling in the weeks ahead as this is such an important topic to grasp and will change how you prospect, network and ultimately the results you get.

If you have adopted a social strategy, please tell me about it below!



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