Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Get Noticed on LinkedIn By Changing One Activity

Getting noticed on LinkedIn for your expertise when there are over 840 million profiles can seem daunting. With a strategy and consistency, you can easily win at standing out!

If you’re not getting noticed on LinkedIn, there is a reason why. It’s not because you need to add more details in your profile, although a targeted, client-centric profile matters.

It’s not because LinkedIn isn’t the right platform. There is simply a lot of noise out there on social media in general combined with more competition online than ever!

The reason you’re not being seen is because you don’t put yourself out there by commenting on thoughtfully and showing your expertise on other people’s posts.

People tend to react to posts with the thumbs up like icon, or the other reactions you can use on LinkedIn as shown in this graphic.

LinkedIn Reactions

Simply reacting does not get you seen as the expert you are

Responding with a comment versus reacting is the one thing that will get you noticed above everything else when done strategically.

That means searching for posts with hashtags on the topic you are an expert in and then discovering which posts you can leave a comment that adds to the conversation of the post. You will be surprised at how often the person that posted will look at your profile to see who you are which often results in that person asking you to join their network.

After some coaching, one of my clients landed two new clients with this strategy of getting in front of the right people and topics where she added value-based comments to the post. The resulted in a new connection which led to a conversation.

LinkedIn measures the worthiness of a comment

Did you know that comments with less than 5 words result in 50% less additional reach? (Reach meaning more people seeing the post and thus the comments)
So adding words like ‘Thanks’, ‘Great job’ or ‘Congratulations’ are not effective comments.

The next time you are tempted to react with the ‘ol thumbs up, think again and leave a well thought out comment that adds to the conversation. Do this at least once per day and watch your profile views increase along with meeting new and interesting people.

When people comment on your posts

If you have developed a content strategy, you want your posts seen and commented on. This simply positions your authority and credibility on the topic you post about.

When someone comments on your posts, the best practice is to always acknowledge their comment with a message back. You could further engage the person by asking them to elaborate on their comment, or as an example ask them which point in your post did they most resonate with. By further engaging the conversation, your post grows and I have noticed that when one or two people leave a comment on a post, others follow.

Statistics show that comments from people outside your first-degree connections (2nd and 3rd degree connections) grows your post by approximately 25% faster than comments from 1st degree connections. If you have Creator Mode turned on in your profile, chances are you have many more followers than connections. These are the ideal people to be commenting on your posts.

LinkedIn Tips:

  • Whenever someone sends you a LinkedIn connection request, that person will automatically become one of your followers and will start seeing your post updates in their feed.
  • Whenever someone sees your content in their feed, and you aren’t a 1st connection, LinkedIn will now give them the option to follow you, without leaving the feed. In addition to showing a Follow button, LinkedIn will prompt users to follow creators to see more of their posts and provide information about what they talk about.

If you’re looking to improve your overall content and engagement strategy, I offer a program to develop both effective content that drives visibility and gets others commenting on your posts – combine that with an engagement strategy that teaches you where to identify other people’s content/conversations where you position your expertise that improves visibility.

To discuss your content strategy, set-up a free call with me:

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