Master the skills you need to improve your content that will drive visibility, conversations and customers

Get started:

I will work with you or one member of the company staff to build your brand presence on LinkedIn with content over a period of 3-months to:

Understand what goes into the LinkedIn newsfeed

Get clear on who you’re creating content for – your ideal audience

Which people, pages, and hashtags you follow matter to your exposure

Outline the problems you are solving that your content will outline

What are the best types of content to post for you & your brand

Create an author’s bio for published articles with a call to action

Create custom images so the page will stand out.

Incorporate the correct hashtags into your posts

Create effective calls to action

Results you can expect:

Build your credibility & authority

Improve your visibility in search results (SEO)

Become known as a valued resource with consistent brand messages

Learn how to get engaged with people that matter & build community

Stop the overwhelm of activities that are time-consuming & don’t get results

Get better quality leads

Train you or a member of your staff to focus on activities that drive brand awareness & revenue

Results are gained over time, that’s why a 3-month period works well to begin to measure results.

Fee: $695.00 billed per month/minimum 3-month commitment


A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.