How a Google Search Elevates Your LinkedIn Presence

How Google Search Elevate Business

In business, we are digitally checked out every day. Our prospects often start with a Google search which likely shows your LinkedIn profile at the top of the search result.

Research from a Chitika research study showed that the top three results from a Google search get nearly two-thirds of all the clicks meaning people don’t often click more than 3 positions or results down from the top. (Let me know how far down in search your name comes up in the comments below).

Google Search Your Brand

Are you credible online?

People know Google and trust search results and they know and trust LinkedIn as the social media platform for professionals, that’s why you’re having a great profile matters.

Until you have built firm relationships and trust with a business prospect, they want to know who you are, and what results you have produced for others that makes you trustworthy.  

First Impressions Matter

When a visitor clicks on your LinkedIn profile, what will they learn about you at first glance? They will see your HEADLINE, HEADSHOT, COVER VIDEO, HEADER IMAGE and first 3 lines of your ABOUT section.

Getting these sections right will determine if the person will read more or leave.

Your headline should include a recognizable keyword focused title followed by a results oriented statement or a statement defining your work.  This will immediately signal your visitor whether or not you are someone they want to connect with or know more about.  To craft a cohesive personal brand you tie your title & headline to you header image and then to your ABOUT section.

NOTE: in the Google search result, you will see in the example above pulls the title and headline, so this is why a compelling and effective title and headline affect how you are perceived.

About is Key to Getting Known

The focus should be placed on your ABOUT section as it is possibly the most read section because of its position at the top of the profile where people can learn more ‘About’ you. 

You have 3,000 characters to highlight you as a personal brand.

  • Write in the first-person. This is more personal and makes you more human!
  • Your first three lines should be interesting, compelling & results-driven drawing the reader to click the …see more link.
  • After the intro, your story should unfold.  I often include a sentence about my clients backstory, how you got to where you are today.
  • Include a paragraph where you showcase your expertise & knowledge in your industry or service.
  • Who you clearly serve now and how you add value to your ideal clients.

Always end this section with a strong call to action. Invite the visitor to connect with you further.

5 Profile Features that will help you stand out

  1. Add a profile video – this is a 30-second video you record on your mobile introducing yourself that appears behind your profile photo. This will set you apart from others! Instruction here.
  2. Turn on Creator Mode – if you create posts with any regularity and want to influence your network through your posts, then this is a good feature. You can add 5 hashtags about the topics you post about letting the visitor know more about your expertise. Learn more about that here.
  3. Add your website URL to the top of your profile. This is new in 2022 and a great addition to the profile. Learn more about that here.
  4. Add the Featured section to your profile. This is meant to highlight your best work and can be rotated with the posts you make. There are many cool ways to show your work and leverage this section. Learn more about that here.
  5. Update your skills section. LinkedIn has updated the skills section so you can add your top skills to a variety of sections of your profile. Skills help you get found in search results and demonstrate to others what you’re good at.

LinkedIn continually updates the profile making improvements for all members. Keeping your profile updated with the latest features demonstrates your relevancy and allows you to stand out where your competitors may not.

For a professional profile update, let us tell your story and craft a compelling profile that attracts your ideal client, partners and new opportunities.
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