How To Turn LinkedIn Contacts Into Clients

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What is your next step when you accept an invitation on LinkedIn or invite someone to join your network?

Turning LinkedIn contacts into clients is not that hard and quickly rewards you for the effort of reaching out.

Learn how to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn contacts to build relationships with prospective clients. It’s fascinating to me how many people who tell me they are networking on LinkedIn don’t have a process or system to follow-up with each person in their network.  My reply usually is “Why are you bothering?”  Now this may sound harsh but without a plan there really is no point.  As most of us know by now social media takes time and effort and to see results requires a well thought out strategy in order to meet our goals.  LinkedIn is no different than in person networking – results happen in the follow-up.

The power of LinkedIn

First, the power of LinkedIn comes from inviting targeted leads to your network. These people can consist of business prospects, referral partners, vendors and colleagues.  I use LinkedIn’s contact manager to make notes and tag all of my contacts.  Creating Tags for your contacts and categorizing them under a tag makes it easy to access and connect with specific people in your network quickly. Gain more leads on LinkedIn and covert new contacts into business relationships.

LinkedIn Tag categories could include:Turn LinkedIn Contacts Into Clients for more business leads

Clients, prospects, colleagues, friends, locals, out of state, specific industries

Mobile Apps Make Networking More Efficient

Did you know that 38% of LinkedIn visits are via mobile?  This number will continue to grow so getting familiar with mobile apps should be a priority.  Here’s two must have apps:

LinkedIn’s mobile app – search your systems app store for the LinkedIn app, you can get access quickly to your network before important appointments. Call me or check on line – currently there are lots of apps to allow you to scan someone’s business card into your LinkedIn network. Reach out and ask for guidance if you feel unsure how to proceed.

More Tips on How To Turn LinkedIn Contacts Into Clients

* Define & create goals for your LI presence

* Review & update your profile to be fully optimized

* Create a campaign of follow-up and how to stay top of mind

* Create some invitation & follow-up customized scripts design to engage your connection

* Offer valuable free content that will enhance your connections experience, be a giver asking how you can help them

* Measure and track your results

6 Steps to Persuasively Convert LinkedIn Connections to Clients are:

1. Reciprocity – Have a double win by both helping your LinkedIn connections but also explain a reason to feel great about helping you.

2. Authority – Show your authoritative know-how in your niche with a well prepared personal LinkedIn profile

3. Scarcity – Add value to your LinkedIn prospecting communications by allude to the exclusivity and limited availability of your offer.

4. Give by Liking – Be generous by reading, commenting and liking other’s content

5. Consistency – post new content on LinkedIn on a regular basis

6. Build Social Proof – expand your marketing efforts on additional platforms

Turn Your LinkedIn Contacts Into Clients Fast

Turning a contact into a client requires consistent and strategized follow through. The mistake the majority of LinkedIn users make is that once they accept someone into their network they have no plan to stay top of mind with their contacts. Here are a few tips to turn your LinkedIn contacts into clients. Nurturing and building relationships both online and offline will result in turning contacts into clients. Being consistent and helpful is the key. 

Here are two primary ways to accomplish being consistent on LinkedIn:

1. Update your LinkedIn status frequently with content that is your ideal client finds valuable. (original or curated)

2. Be a strong discussion participant within relevant LinkedIn groups related to your business niche. Be strategic and add a valuable opinion or share helpful insights.

How you move others successfully from viewers through the continuum to raving fans doesn’t happen in one leap. It occurs over time with a strategic focus that builds the relationship. –

You can generated more leads, get more clients and earn more revenue with nothing more than a laptop and LinkedIn. How do you stay top of mind in your LinkedIn network? Offer your fresh ideas below.

Call me to learn more how to turn LinkedIn contacts into clients. You can gain business queries with our Optimized LinkedIn Profile for Business Leads


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