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How many LinkedIn invitations have you received this week with the standard default invitation to join someone’s network? add-to-LinkedIn-professional-network

I received nine this week alone! If you were networking in person would you go up to someone and say Hello and nothing else?? NO you wouldn’t but it’s kind of the same thing when you send the default invitation. I don’t know what you want or why you want to connect – right? So if you wouldn’t do that in person why would you online? Sign-up for our Business LinkedIn Webinar to learn more.

I think people online “assume” that you have taken the time to read all about me in my profile so then it is safe to make assumptions with a blank invitation….arghhh – not a good plan folks.

Making Meaningful LinkedIn Connections

If you want to build a network or prospects, referral partners and colleagues that results in leads, brand awareness and opportunities to gain insight than it’s time to get serious about how you use LinkedIn. It may be true that Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and some other social media platforms build familiarity and awareness opportunities for your personal brand. But why limit yourself> I find that LinkedIn is unique in its business focus. Even more impressive – LinkedIn is a society created specifically to help users connect business professionals, build your brand on LinkedIn, marketers and vendors who are interested in building a community with you.

If you are starting a new business, you need a community of like-minded individuals that know, like and trust you! Whether you’re searching for B2B or B2C networking connections, or B2C, LinkedIn is the ideal place to operate from, so let’s get you networking and adding to your professional network on LinkedIn!

Not spending any time on LinkedIn? I know why you should. And – Id Like to Add You To My Professional LinkedIn Network – what do you think?

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Know Your WHY When Asking Someone To Join Your Professional LinkedIn Network

Knowing WHY you are using LinkedIn in the first place will help you create a strategy and tactics to making connections and crafting meaningful messages that get your desired results. If you are intentional with every contact as well as invitation you receive you will start to get results from your efforts.

Read my entire list of LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts and then give me a shout.

3 Steps to Add Connections to Your LinkedIn Account Using E-Mail Contacts

1. Log-in to your personal LinkedIn account. Place into your browser and log-in using your LinkedIn username and password. If this doesn’t bring you to your site’s home page, head on over there.

2. Place your e-mail address in the corresponding input box. You will find this where it says “Quickly grow your professional network”; add it there. This permits you to search through the professional contacts in your e-mail address book to see if they already have a LinkedIn account.

3. 3. Add connections. To glean new connections from your contacts within your email service provider who have a LinkedIn account, simply check the box next to their name and tick the blue “Add to connections” box to confirm your choice. Gain traffic and/or conversion on social media.

LinkedIn for Business

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Services to Build Your LinkedIn Professional Network

While LinkedIn can be an extremely helpful tool in growing your email list, there are a 3 basic steps you should know. Or LinkedIn for Business can walk you through a step-by-step getting started guide.

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JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

Helping business owners and corporate leaders use LinkedIn and relationship building strategies to gain more exposure for their brand so they have more impact, credibility & income.

2 Responses

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how many people use the default invitation setting and call themselves ‘friends’ when one does not know them and has to go hunting to find out who they are!

    It does great injustice to their profiles & experience but the worst is when social media experts send out invites without personalizing it! A very important tip, JoAnne. Thanks for highlighting this point.

    1. Vatsala,

      thanks so much for your comment, I am also surprised how many invitations I receive a week with the default invite and nothing else. Inviting via the “friend” can be dangerous as some people take offense.


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