4 Proven Ways to Improve Referability for More Quality Leads

4 Proven Ways to Improve Referability for More Quality Leads

Using the LinkedIn network you already have established to generate more referrals and leads is simple when you follow these four proven strategies.

Many consultants, salespeople and other professionals looking to gain more sales make the mistake of cold lead generation rather than leveraging the warm network they already have. I recently wrote another blog that shared ways to generate more leads from your LinkedIn network utilizing some of the newest platform updates.

1. Be Conscious of The Network You Are Building on LinkedIn (and elsewhere)

Getting a referral removes a lot of the decision-making risk from the consumer.
Nurturing a network that knows how to refer you can generate many leads, so choose your network carefully and know who a good referral partner in your network would be. As you reach out, think first about ways you can make the relationship valuable to them not just you. People will always remember you when you help them get what they want.

2. Nurture Past Customers

By staying top of mind with past clients who were so overjoyed by their experience with you, will probably refer somebody who is more likely at least to be in an ideal customer as well.
Second, how many people never ask their past clients for a referral right after they experience a positive result from working with you?

It is as simple as saying, “Do you know anyone else who would benefit from my services.”

Other ways to nurture your past clients:

  • Email follow-up information that can continue to support them.
  • Create system to check back in with them in regular intervals just to see how they are doing.

3. Don’t Assume People Know How to Refer You

Beyond past customers, don’t assume other colleagues and even friends know how to refer you.
It is best to teach them and craft a sentence or two you could send a referral partner on how you would like to be referred. The quality of leads increases dramatically.

Here is an example I use:

Hello {firstname},

I’d like to introduce you to JoAnne Funch, LinkedIn Trainer & Strategist at Linked In For Business.

I thought it might make sense for the two of you to connect and investigate how you might work together.

JoAnne helps companies & sales teams build their brand, develop strategies for filling their pipeline and gain more business through leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

She really understands how to leverage your professional relationships and use LinkedIn as a tool. She has created programs that make a significant impact on the way professionals connect, engage and grow their business. She will be contacting you in the next couple of days. I hope you’ll take her call, as I believe it will be well worth your time.

If you’d like to reach out to JoAnne, her contact information is:


4. Get in the Habit of Asking for Referrals

Many people fear asking someone for a referral – time to get over that!

At the conclusion of every sale, you might ask your client “Is there anyone in your network that you think could benefit from my services?” If so, I’d appreciate an introduction. Or would you mind making an introduction to Joe Smith at XYZ Company.

When building a network on LinkedIn, also consider these things:


Generating more leads that generate opportunities for conversation are at your reach within the network you already have. It often takes a mindset shift or simply changing your process map to include asking for referrals.

To create a referral and content marketing plan, set-up a call with JoAnne!

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Helping business owners and corporate leaders use LinkedIn and relationship building strategies to gain more exposure for their brand so they have more impact, credibility & income.

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