Is LinkedIn Marketing Still Worth Your Effort?

Is LinkedIn Marketing Still Worth Your Effort?

Seems like social media platforms change faster and more frequently than ever before in the fast-paced digital world and where businesses are pivoting to the platforms where their ideal clients are spending time.

Many professionals I talk with didn’t realize that in 2023 LinkedIn celebrated their 20th anniversary in business. In a recent article published in Bloomberg, the author’s headline stated “Sorry, But LinkedIn is Now Cool.

I’ve always found LinkedIn to be my ‘go to’ social media platform for B2B marketing, but not everyone has, according to the author, “As other networks stagnate, shift their algorithms or burn themselves to the ground, LinkedIn is becoming a site where regular people actually want to hang out and post their thoughts. It might even be cool.”

Should LinkedIn marketing still be part of your overall marketing plan?

My response is 100% yes, it should.

LinkedIn reported that users shared 41% more content on the network than they did in the same period in 2021. That kind of growth is unusual for a 20-year-old operation and speaks to the turbulence at other major social media services.

LinkedIn is the reigning champion of B2B social networks. In fact, 68% of all social posts made over the first half of 2022 were to LinkedIn.

The end of Q1 2023 – LinkedIn reported their members had grown to 930M globally. And what’s important to understand about that, is only about 4-5% of those members are posting content on a regular basis which offers massive opportunity to stand out.

What types of content should you post to get the best results?

In June LinkedIn made changes to their algorithm which I wrote about and how that will affect your posts visibility. I reported that there are two major changes every businessperson will want to pay attention to while developing their content marketing strategy.

  1. Build your followers because it is more likely your followers will see your posts
  2. Posts that share “knowledge and advice” are being prioritized throughout the platform

The article details what LinkedIn means about what knowledge and advice means and thus will affect how you create content. Reference the details of that article again here:

Is LinkedIn Marketing Still Worth Your Effort?

LinkedIn may not have appeared to be cool, sexy or fun, but for 20 years LinkedIn has stayed in their lane of helping professionals with their careers and supporting businesses and has earned the reputation of the one social platform dedicated to business.

The key to success with LinkedIn marketing is creating content that people want to read, building quality posts over the quantity and mixing the styles of posts to learn what resonates with your followers.

75% of B2B buyers use social media to make buying decisions, according to research from LinkedIn.

Find the right content and transform your brand and business

As a business owner, entrepreneur or corporate leader you are an expert in what you do but sharing that expertise in the form of content may have you feeling a bit unsure.

I work with individuals and companies to develop a content strategy to support your ongoing LinkedIn marketing success that drives your brand engagement builds credibility and establishes authority in your industry or niche.

SCHEDULE A CALL and let’s chat about how I might help you with your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.