JoAnne was great to work with. I have received hundreds of compliments on my LinkedIn profile and she gets all the credit. She was accessible any time of the day and went above and beyond. She added tremendous value to my social media presence in matching my branding together on all platforms. She has a passion to help and promote people and their business. JoAnne is the best at what she does and she will help elevate your profile immediately. Having a credible presence on social media is a must and JoAnne will do it quickly and professionally.

Pam Borton

I simply can’t overstate how pleased I am with JoAnne’s work. She takes both a strategic and a tactical view of your LinkedIn presence and helps you get clear on your goals. She then works her magic to reboot your profile AND gives you on target ideas on how to reach your goals using the power of LinkedIn.

Julie Bauke

I am a technical consultant in the clinical data management space. It was very important for me to convey my, very specific, skill set to a select group of people on LinkedIn. After JoAnne upgraded by LinkedIn profile and showed me some tricks of the trade to making better connection on this platform, my connections as well as interest in my profile from potential clients have doubled. I would highly recommend her services to anyone hoping to increase the usefulness of their LinkedIn profile.

Adnan Shawkat

I worked with JoAnne on my personal profile and our company site. Her insight and knowledge has helped us elevate the number of comments and recommendations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JoAnne to any professional that want’s to improve their site and visibility with the LinkedIn platform.

Michael Baker

JoAnne was a hit at our annual Minnesota Business Partnership Executive Assistant Conference in October. Her presentation was popular because it offered timely, easy to understand and practical advice. She’s a professional who is really easy to work with and so much fun to learn from! Our attendees are hoping I ask her back next year!

Katie Chisholm Nadeau

JoAnne facilitated LinkedIn workshop’s for small business owners at the University of Minnesota’s Office for Business & Community Economic Development. The content of the material presented contained a great deal more information than any similar workshop I attended. It was detailed and provided the participants tools and tips to gain visibility and develop strategies for themselves and their companies.

Diane Paterson

JoAnne is a skilled and inspiring trainer. Her advanced LinkedIn workshop was great – I am ready to take my LI profile to the next level, AND now have knowledge on how to better leverage LI to work for me. I highly recommend JoAnne for her content knowledge and her practical approach for the busy entrepreneur. She has saved me time, and money!

Peggy Stefan

I’ve taken two of JoAnne’s classes and I found both to be incredibly useful. Whether you are looking to find leads or just make your profile more readable and straight-forward, the class works. Highly recommended!

Philip J. Ruce, J.D., LL.M.

JoAnne’s seminar on using LinkedIn to generate leads was of tremendous value to me and my team. As recruiters, we have used her expertise to fine tune our profiles, and to re-examine and re-vamp how we use LinkedIn to make stronger and more personal connections with potential candidates. The results have been amazing!

Ben Theis

I had the opportunity to take a couple of workshops that JoAnne did. The first was a very basic course on how LinkedIn works and how to create a profile. I then had JoAnne create a very professional and thought out profile specific to myself and my industry. She took the time to ask great questions and did a wonderful job creating a profile for me. The second workshop I took recently was for more advanced techniques in connecting with people for referral networks and generating business opportunities.

I would highly recommend JoAnne and her workshops. She takes the time to make sure she answers your questions and that you understand. She presents her information very well and is very accessible.

Ken Racette

I really needed to improve my understanding of LinkedIn, but more importantly I needed to improve my effectiveness in using the system as I had traveled as far as I could with the self teaching trial and error method. So I signed up for a JoAnne Funch “Increase your visibility on LinkedIn course. I was very pleased with the experience. JoAnne is knowledgeable and shared many practical tips and advice, which is exactly what I needed. She also demonstrated a most pleasing teaching style and communicated well with all those in attendance. If you get a chance, go and listen to her; you will learn!

Wyn Davies

JoAnne is wonderful presenter and one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to LinkedIn that I know. I consider myself very tech savvy and even teach people how to use social media and other platforms, but JoAnne was even able to show me a few things that have literally improved my profile and LinkedIn presence. If you need any advice or help with LinkedIn at all, you can stop looking because JoAnne is the one!

Ben Theis

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