Know Enough LinkedIn to Just Get By

Do You Know Enough on LinkedIn to Just Get ByAre you getting ahead on LinkedIn or just getting by?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool if you know how to use it effectively and yet it appears to me that the majority of people know just enough to get by. 

I see this from the invitations I receive daily from people who want to connect with me! A just getting by profile has a nondescript title lacking of key words or a compelling reason to read more.  Often the profile photo is not current or of decent quality and the summary section in LinkedIn lacks an explanation about what they do and who they serve. Don’t just get by when you can learn more and gain a competitive advantage on LinkedIn.

In general the profile itself is void of brand congruency and reasons why I would want to accept the person into my network which I am now guessing on because they sent me a default invitation in the first place with noting more than the standard  “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” LinkedIn for Business offer a training series to teach you valuable techniques for finding and connecting with your audience on LinkedIn. Benefit from knowing how to initiate conversations and nurture new leads for B2B connections.

Why Would you Just Want to Know Enough on LinkedIn to just get by When you can Excel?

If you want to leverage the power of LinkedIn to meet your business objectives it requires time and consistency to get results.  Here are seven tips that will help you stand out from the crowd;

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Do you only know enough about LinkedIn to just get by?

1.)  Define and create your goals.  For example, do you want to attract new clients, position yourself as a thought leader, find and hire employees or maybe you want to connect with business leaders in the community.

2.) Create campaign goals.  For example, do you want to increase awareness about your or a product, find referral partners, find organizations to speak,  or build a great network of trusted colleagues.

3.) Optimize your profile.  Is your profile boring?  It’s time to create a compelling headline and place your key words in the headline, title fields, specialties, interests, recommendations and of course the summary section.

4.) Create a strategic list of connections.  Know who makes a good connection for you. Define what makes a person a good prospect, vendor or referral partner.

5.) Never send the default invitation.  If you want to stand out and get people to take you seriously than always write a personal invitation to each person you invite to your network explaining why you are inviting them and asking how you might also be a valuable connection to their network.

6.) Always send a thank you after someone accepts you into their network. Make it personal and begin to build a relationship through your communications.

7.) Don’t just collect names.  The success lies in the follow-up. Be sure you create a system in which to follow-up with your connections. You can utilize LinkedIn’s CRM system by making yourself notes, setting an alarm to follow-up again and making note of any pertinent information about the contact. This makes follow-up more professional and impressive.

By building rapport with your contacts and staying top of mind you will develop a network that is robust and leveraged to meet your business objectives. Don’t settle for good enough when you can really share your expertise, build credibility and build a network that converts your bottom line! Read more tips on how to generate leads on LinkedIn.

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