How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page Marketing

Beginning of the new year is an great time to update your LinkedIn profile, but what about your company page? Chances are, if you own a business, you set-up a company page and with a little attention it provides you an opportunity to grow the visibility or your brand.

LinkedIn company pages are a way to build your brand awareness and credibility on LinkedIn and now offer more beneficial features. If you have a company page, you are likely aware that in your personal profile when you select the name of your company within your EXPERIENCE section it pull in a link and logo from your company page. This simply looks more professional and provide a link to anyone who would want to know more about your company.

As with most LinkedIn updates, things change from month to month and year to year, so currently research has shown that company Pages that are regularly updated and active get 11 times more clicks.

Here are things you can do now to update your company page

(Click ‘Edit page’ on the left sidebar)

  • Verify your company information for anything out of date?
  • Update your ‘About’ section
  • Have you added or updated the 20 specialties that you are known for?
  • Have you added a ‘Lead Gen’ form’? Collect leads right from your page.
  • Have you added the 3 hashtags your business & content focus on?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn group you want visitors to know about?

New: Life tab and Events

For larger companies, add the ‘Life tab’ which gives visitors insight into your company culture. Great for attracting talent. Are you hosting an ‘Event’ – have you used the event tab to promote it?

Grow you LinkedIn company page followers

Company pages grow slowly, but in-time can be worth the effort.
LinkedIn provides you 250 free invitation credits per page admin – so who should you invite?

First add your connections that matter (I’m not a fan of inviting your entire network because for most people, everyone is not relevant). You want to invite people who are most likely to accept and respond favorably.

Invite potential customers or prospects in your pipeline. Get in the habit of inviting each new connection to follow your company page while they are top of mind with you.

When posting content to your company page, as your call to action, ask people to click on the ‘Follow’ button at the top of the page, just as you see in the footer of this post!

Also new in 2023 people can also click the bell at the top of your company page header to get notifications of your posts. If they click the bell they can choose ‘Get all Posts’ – ‘Get Top Posts’ – or ‘No new Posts’ which means you only get notified about activity involving you.

Create content from your LI company page that drives visibility, credibility & leads

If you are actively growing your LinkedIn company page, adding content there should be part of your strategy, so what should you post?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Post industry trends, data, and knowledge that would be beneficial to your ideal customers. That could be in the form of a video, or text and an impactful image.
  2. Highlight and @tag a client whose work would be beneficial for others to take note of. This could be a case study or simply a unique product or service. Think out of the box and by tagging your client, they will appreciate the recognition. But make it about them!
  3. People care about people, so if your company is giving back to the community or recognized for charitable giving, that is newsworthy.
  4. Tell people about those employees that are doing great work. Highlight the employee and what you are recognizing them for.
  5. If you produce a product, share a video showing the new product and how it works with a solid call to action.
    You want to remind people about what you do and how you can help them, so mixing in self-promotion should be included.

Don’t forget to utilize both EVENTS and NEWSLETTERS. Live events can be promoted and run from your business page. If you are hosting a live event, that video is hosted on your company page. Newsletters can be a great way to stay top of mind with your subscribers. They will get notified when you mail out an edition of your newsletter via email and their notifications tab.

Promote employee advocacy for larger companies

Employee advocacy is a strategy that companies use to promote their brand and content through their employees’ social media channels. An employee advocacy program is a great way to get your employees engaged on LinkedIn. It can help promote your company and build thought leadership.

Before embarking on an employee advocacy program, consider these points:

Define your goals:
Brand awareness, leads, promoting employees, community engagement, etc.

Implement guidelines and rules. 
Be clear about what you expect from your employees in terms of participation in the training and what follows. Promote content that aligns with your brand. Make sure that the content you share through your employee advocacy program is in line with your company’s values and message.

How will you support employees with content?
Employees are more likely to get active on LinkedIn when you share the right resources. 

Share content via “My Company’ Tab

The My Company tab on a LinkedIn Page gives employees of an organization the opportunity to view coworker milestones, view stock information (if applicable), engage with trending coworker posts and company-recommended content, and connect with other employees through dynamic suggestions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The My Company tab can’t be removed.
  • Members will only see the My Company tab if they’re an associated employee and the Page has more than 10 employees.
  • Page super admins can turn off the trending coworker content feature.

Page admins can:
– Create content recommended content
– Use content suggestions

To learn the steps to creating both, click HERE.

When using “Recommend to Employees” LinkedIn will notify about 80% of all employees whose profiles are connected to the company page via their Experience – Employer.

Types of Recommended content

For a complete list of recommended content styles of posts – click HERE.

Turn the LinkedIn Page employee verification on and off

From the My Company tab in the admin view, LinkedIn Page super admins can turn employee verification and trending coworker content on and off. When employee verification is turned on, employees can’t view content in the My Company tab until they’ve completed the verification process.


LinkedIn company pages are another tool to increase your brand’s marketing, especially for those serving the B2B markets.

Will you leverage your company’s LinkedIn page this year? If I can help with your content strategy, schedule a call with me to discuss.

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