LinkedIn Adds Analytics For Publishing Platform

LinkedIn Adds Analytics For Publishing Platform Advantages

If you have been utilizing the LinkedIn Publishing Platform, you will be excited to know that LinkedIn now has analytics available for publishing platform so you can see statistics including demographics on industries, job titles of the viewers, locations and the top traffic sources.

How LinkedIn Analytics Can Serve You

The bottom line is that you can make better decisions when you have data this is the case with everything right?  In the case of LinkedIn publishing platform, you can evaluate which posts have interested more viewers or resonated with them in some way, you can see which people in specific industries are attracted to your posts. All of this data is valuable as you plan what to write next.  When you use data it empowers you to make more strategic decisions rather than writing just anything hoping it will resonate with someone.
LinkedIn Adds Analytics For Publishing Platform

 Where to find your LinkedIn analytics

You can access your analytics from this link:

Below I have shown a screen shot of one of my published posts so you can see how the post has performed. The demographics tell the story of which industries are you viewers associated with, their typical job titles within those industries, what location in the world are they in and one of the most interesting facts is where the traffic to your article is coming from.  If your stats are high for Google Search than you are using good key words in your title and content that people are searching for. So to be found in a Google search as well as via LinkedIn pulse is excellent!


How are your LinkedIn pubkished posts doing

LinkedIn Adds Analytics For Publishing Platform to Give you New Advantages

How to use this information

These stats are an opportunity for you to find out how to make your posts better, more searchable and interesting to more people.

  • If a post received very few views, little to no comments and a handful of thumbs up than you might reconsider the topic.
  • You can go back an edit a previous posts title and key words and share it again in your status update and other your other social channels and see if you can improve the results.
  • If you have a post that performed very well, than post it over again in your social channels. Obviously is resonated with your audience so when you post it again you most likely will attract new visitors.
  • Continue to maintain the strategy that LinkedIn publishing platform allows you to build your credibility and authority in your given niche.  Keep writing about what you know.

How has the publishing platform been working for you? Read our six things to do to maximize your LinkedIn Profile. We’d love to learn just how you are using analytics on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform. It is fun to learn from others. We welcome your relevant comments below.

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