LinkedIn Announces New Home Page Redesign

LinkedIn Announces New Home Page RedesignNew Home Page Redesign for LinkedIn Members

According to LinkedIn® the new homepage design helps you stay connected with your professional world with a new simpler snapshot. (Please note if you don’t see these updates on your profile yet you will, they are rolling out the week of Dec 12, 1014 just be patient and watch

“At the very top of the homepage, your new dashboard gives you instant feedback on how you’re doing. See how many people have viewed you and understand how your status updates are performing. Click on either one to get deeper insights into what’s resonating with the connections you care about. Learn who found you – from that CEO to a long-lost friend – and how they found you, plus how you rank across your connections, within your company, and other LinkedIn members like you. Make quick edits to your profile – which help us surface better opportunities, news, and connection ideas for you – with a single click.”

LinkedIn redesignKeep in touch about Home Page Redesign Strategies

“Nurturing professional relationships is important. Now it’s easier to stay connected with the people who matter to you – through your Keep in Touch box up on the right. Share a comment, say congrats, or simply like an update in just seconds. We bring you up to speed with the latest developments in your connections’ professional lives – and then suggest more people you may want to add to your network.”

Right now you can access KEEP IN TOUCH from the top navigation bar and see what is happening with your connections that you could take immediate action on.

How to improve your profile prompts

Right directly under your profile image section, LinkedIn now shows you ways to improve your profile by prompting to you to anything that may be missing.  Sometimes you will get prompt for items not applicable to you, so you will just have to ignore those.

Who’s viewed your profile and your updates on navigation bar

You can now access a link to the “Who’s viewed your profile” “Edit profile” and “Your status updates” from the navigation bar.  This is quicker access to valuable information.  Looking at those people who have viewed your profile can provide valuable data in companies, industries and people who are finding and viewing your profile. 

Can’t remember the last time you posted a status update?  Click on “Your Updates” and see everything you posted and when.  Again, you have to show up and participate to build your credibility on LinkedIn.


There will be more updates coming out way and I expect LinkedIn to continue to be a powerhouse platform in 2015.

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