LinkedIn Announces New Audio & Video Live Events

LinkedIn Audio Event Video Events

LinkedIn is on the move in 2022 with it’s newest features LinkedIn Audio and LinkedIn Live Events.

Audio Events

Similar to Clubhouse Social Audio App that was so popular in 2021, you will now get to experience the same style audio conversation among the LinkedIn community.

This feature is slowly being rolled out and may not be available to you at this time. In fact, according to LinkedIn Audio Events are in the beta testing phase. They have limited the ability to host an Audio Event to a handful of creators. But they plan to scale the ability to host an Audio Event soon to all members via creator mode.

In the meantime, you can attend an audio session without actually being in the beta test by searching for audio events.  In the top navigation bar type in ‘audio events’ and then select the ‘events’ tab and you will see a list of current audio event you can register for.

As with Clubhouse, attendees can participate in live conversations by raising your hand & joining the speakers, “on stage” and you can follow and connect with others who are attending the event.

LinkedIn Audio Video Events

Interactive events online are here to stay according to Jake Poses at LinkedIn. You can get a peek and how this will look by reviewing the post from LinkedIn here.

Video Events

Video events will be rolling out in the spring of 2022.  Typically, with LinkedIn, their new updates roll out in batches, no one ever receives the new features all at the same time!

I like the idea of video events because we have all become accustomed to being on video calls the past 2 years.  

LinkedIn makes it easy to schedule your event and then to invite people in your network to attend. You will we able to join directly from LinkedIn, so this LinkedIn is becoming the all-in-one platform for communications.

Currently, if you have selected ‘creator mode’ in your profile you have access to LinkedIn Live which allows you to schedule a video production and invite your network to receive notification when you are going live.  You may be familiar with live video from Facebook Live which has been in use for many years now.

Video Events will be handled differently than LinkedIn Live so stay tuned for instructions as this feature rolls out in the spring.

How will you use Audio and Video Events?

First, just because a new feature is introduced doesn’t necessarily mean you should use or implement it. I discussed this in my post about switching your profile over to creator mode. When I work with clients on their content strategy, we look at the overall content strategy and how it aligns with their goals.

I caution people not to get caught up in the latest and greatest features because they can often just be a distraction and you could turn people off from too much content.

On a positive note, events are a great strategy to build influence.  That means to become an influencer in your industry inviting people to attend an event or let’s say a discussion where you position your expertise in a helpful way can go a long way in positioning yourself within your niche market. 

Utilizing the ‘event’ function on LinkedIn is a great way to get in front of your target audience. I have hosted numerous events in 2021 where I invited my network to attend, adding now the option of audio and video events simply adds a more interactive experience.

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