LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI

LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI
I am a big believer in following other people and companies that show success in an area I want to be successful. When I work with clients, both individuals and companies I often will refer to examples of those getting results and thus this article will show you examples of companies ROI.

HUBSPOT – is one of my favorite companies. They provide tracking software to measure your online business activities as well as an all in one platform for email marketing, lead generation and social media. They have used LinkedIn’s Sponsored Stories to generate quality leads. READ THE DETAILS about how LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI.

ADOBE – A company most of us are familiar with as we have Adobe products on our computers. They grew their brand awareness using LinkedIn. READ THE DETAILS

POSTCARD MANIA: Joined LinkedIn groups for the various types of small businesses the company targets, and judiciously contributed to discussions and questions about marketing. The company uses relevant content like “8 Ways to Grow Your Local Business for FREE!” Each of the eight ways was a “snippet” with links to get more information, each of which collected the person’s contact information. Postcard Mania has generated 600 leads and $72,000, just from LinkedIn.

Read more LinkedIn case studies from a company called Heyo

Ways to measure ROI on LinkedIn:

Company leadership will want to measure ROI in dollars and cents so tracking your lead generation to conversion is important. We can also measure in a variety of ways that would be the results in our overall marketing goals;

1. Number of new connections per month

2. Number of new invitations we receive each month

3. Who’s viewed our profile

4. How many likes and comments you receive per status update or group discussion

5. New Company page follows per month

6. Requests to do business

How do you measure the return on your investment of time and money?

Do you have a success story to share? If not, we can help you implement the skill of utilizing LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI. Gain our guidance on showcasing your LinkedIn Business.

LinkedIn Proves its Status via Case Studies

Time and expereience along with good record keeping proves how engagement on LinkedIn can act as a valuable channel for insights and to earn more revenue. The equation is simple we use for LinkedIn case studies is – Return/Investment, Return = (Earnings – Expenses). Call us to learn more about our customers’ marketing case studies to see how their success on LinkedIn can be yours.

LinkedIn offers 11 Case Studies

If lead generation and conversion are important to your company, you should know LinkedIn has the highest rate of any social network. 3x higher than Facebook and Twitter. –



LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI

LinkedIn Case Studies Show ROI

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When working with LinkedIn clients, both individuals and companies, I will show you examples of companies ROI.

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