How a LinkedIn Company Page Can Build Your Brand

How a LinkedIn Company Page Can Build Your Brand
Tips for Building your LinkedIn Company Page To Enlarge Your Brand’s Footprint

Having a LinkedIn Company page can build your brand by creating awareness of your products and services as well as showcasing specific offerings. A company page offers a myriad of benefits if done correctly and can hurt your reputation when neglected or left incomplete.

By involving your audience you can build your LinkedIn company page. You want it to be sufficiently engaging to stand out from others. Ask your LinkedIn followers by thoughtful questions. Don’t forget to maintain a two-way conversation by responding back to each one who leaves a comment on your Company Page.

Benefits Your LinkedIn Company Page Can Gain:

Share your company story

Layout your products and services with details & images

Create a tab with job opportunities at your company

Get recommendations right on your company page for a specific product or service

Create a cohesive brand with all employees connecting to the company page

Gaining exposure to your company page requires some effort, here are some tips on how to do just that:

Tips to build your LinkedIn Company BrandLinkedIn Company Brand Building Strategy tips:

Create a sponsored update which highlights your post in the newsfeed of LinkedIn members. You can target your update by specific criteria. This is a form of paid advertising that is effective because it is so targeted. They may be shared further to connections of a member who likes, comments, or shares the sponsored update.

Create a showcase page – this type of page allows you to extend your Company Page presence by creating a dedicated child page for those aspects of your business. Interested members can then follow your Showcase Page as they follow any Company Page.

Share your showcase page with it’s own link. The format of a Showcase Page URL is as follows:[showcase_page_name] Here is an example of my showcase page:

Empower employees to be your best advocates! By training employees to have complete profiles that best represent your company and train them to be content producers you can get results similar to that of expensive creative teams. You simply need a planned strategy that everyone is familiar with.

You can benefit from the creativity and power of a Professional LinkedIn Company Presence

Need help with your company page and strategy? I can help – click for details on how to improve your professional profile as being in the LinkedIn Top 10 Company pages.

Take your positive thoughts about getting this done and move into action. Gain the benefits of a professional who can help you set realistic goals and we can achieve it together. You can keep simple by engaging my skills and experience. I am passionate to help you reach your potential on LinkedIn.

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With more than 400 million members worldwide, LinkedIn has a huge pool of potential leads in just about every single niche out there. Additionally, case study after case study revealed that LinkedIn, on average, drives the most customers to B2B companies. – Neil Patel

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