How LinkedIn Continues Commitment to Veterans

LinkedIn Continues Commitment to Veterans
LinkedIn Continues Commitment to Veterans As we know LinkedIn is the best online tool to build a professional LinkedIn profile, tell your career story and attract people and opportunities a Veteran can enjoy. Read our article for guidance to make the jump from military to civilian life easier.

I am so happy to learn of companies that are recruiting and supporting our veterans. LinkedIn has been one of those consistent supporters offering a free one-year job seeker package to those needing help in gaining employment.

As a Veteran job seeker, your goal is to show your expertise through your skills and detailed experience.

Tips for Veterans Using the LinkedIn Platform From

  • Create a compelling headline with keywords (skills) & the type of work you are passionate about doing
    Example:  Security | IT | Passionate about Big Data, Cloud and Mobile
  • Focus on writing a dynamic Summary section, start by writing in the first person, and focus on transferable skills and talk about your area of expertise.  Always include your skills in Leadership, teamwork, training teams etc.
  • Complete the Skills & Endorsements section with up to 50 words. The top 10 should be those skills you want to most be known for. Translate your military skills to civilian related skills. (use a translator such as: skills>translator )
  • Obtain recommendations – you will need to invite people to connect that you wish to ask for recommendations.  Having a testimonial of your skills is important proof to a potential employer.
  • Add an updated professional photo – first impressions do matter!
  • Complete as many of the optional sections as possible as it lets people know more about who you are as a person.  Include:  Volunteer & causes you care about, Certifications, Awards and Organizations you belong to
  • Multi-media – which means images, video or PDF’s documents.  Show images that tell your professional story.

Learn a New Skill Free from

Earlier this year LinkedIn purchased the online learning platform

On Veteran’s day LinkedIn announced that they have ” expanded our veterans program to include online learning with — the gold standard for on-demand learning with more than 4,000 expert-led courses teaching business, creative and technical skills. offers a range of courses to suit the needs of active duty service members, transitioning veterans and those veterans already in the private sector. This is a tool to empower you as a professional to connect with opportunity and build your future!”

U.S. Service Members and Veterans can get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign-up for your FREE year of learning on This includes unlimited access to 4,000 courses in business, creative and technology skills all taught by industry experts.
  2. Check out the newly released video Translating Your Military Service to Civilian Life.” by Lida Citroën. Lida has worked with hundreds of veterans to ease the transition experience and help them reintegrate with confidence and success.
  3. Get a FREE one year LinkedIn Premium Job Seeker account to access advanced job search tools and join the Veteran Mentor Network Group, where you can discuss your transition and career plans with people who have been in your shoes.

The military has taught you many skills, including preparation and organization. These two skills will be especially important post-service when you are setting up a plan to start a successful civilian career. – Elizabeth Samet, M1 Columnist

Join a LinkedIn Group for Veterans

LinkedIn continues commitment to Veterans in the U.S., which gives you the benefit of many great LinkedIn groups formed to help veterans in the job search.  Do a quick search using the word “Veteran” and you will find many groups worth joining and exploring.

For more information, visit Check out my LinkedIn Services Veterans Can Leverage.

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