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LinkedIn For Business Webinar Details (Basic)LinkedIn For Business Webinar Details (Basic)

Thanks for signing up for the LinkedIn For Business webinar! We are glad to have you scheduled.

It will be happening LIVE on Thursday, February 7th at 1:00 PM CST/11:00 Am PST/2:00PM EST so make sure that you mark the date and time in your diary, and have your pens and notepads ready for a highly informative and practical session that will equip you with REAL strategies and techniques to grow your business through LinkedIn.

I’ll be sending you a reminder email an hour in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to brew yourself a hot cup of coffee, make yourself comfy in your seats and get ready to learn a proven step by step process to get RESULTS through your LinkedIn efforts

Here’s the link you need to join the webinar:

Meeting URL:

“In Case You Can’t Make It For The Webinar, Or Want To Learn It At Your Own Pace…”

“Get Exclusive *On Demand* Access To The LinkedIn For Business Webinar

To Market Your Brand, Get More Leads And Increase Your Sales Any Time You Want!”

As a busy business person myself, I know that your biggest challenge is finding time for that “one more thing” you’ve got to do to grow your business.

LinkedIn For Business Webinar Time

So instead of putting the pressure on you to attend the LinkedIn For Business webinar LIVE, I want to take all the pressure OFF by giving you the opportunity to go through this high value content at your own pace.

There’s been so many times when I’ve attended a seminar, written a ton of notes and then a few weeks later look back on them and find out that I’ve missed out on that one KEY point that makes or breaks the whole process.

It’s at times like that I wish that I could go back in time and record the whole thing so that I could listen to it again and get even more out of it…

Your Exclusive “On Demand” Access…

That’s why I’ll be recording the full presentation on video and getting my virtual assistant to transcribe the entire session as well (in case you’re more of a reader than a listener).

This way, you’ll still be able to learn practical steps to use LinkedIn to grow your business and get REAL RESULTS if you can’t make it on the day.

And even if you can make it, this is content that you will want to review over and over again to get the MAXIMUM benefit from.

By pre-ordering the full LinkedIn For Business Package, you’ll get to access the video, audio and transcripts of the entire session a week after the webinar is over. You’ll be able to view it online, download it to your computer or even load it onto your iPad or iPod and listen to it “on the go”!

Here’s a brief reminder of what you’ll be learning from the LinkedIn For Business webinar:

  1. How to build a 100% completely optimized profile with highly relevant keywords that will put you on the map
  2. The “paint by numbers” LinkedIn marketing strategy proven to grab the attention of prospects and potential partners
  3. The “unspoken rule” of how to engage with your audience daily so that you’ll be seen as the expert and not just another salesperson
  4. How to identify partnership opportunities and position yourself to take advantage of the profitable alliances there for the taking
  5. The secret technique every successful business person uses to pull in leads like a magnet

LinkedIn For Business Workbook

BONUS: LinkedIn For Business Workbook

And if that’s not enough, I’ll be giving you my comprehensive LinkedIn For Business Workbook as well, which will cover everything you need to do from start to finish to set up a LinkedIn marketing funnel to turn cold leads into raving fans of your business.

If you want a detailed roadmap to guide you through step by step for every aspect of using LinkedIn for business, THIS is it.

Not only do I go DEEPER in every topic that I cover in the webinar, I’ll be sharing some ADVANCED strategies that I use to outrank my competition and consistently position myself in the most prominent positions of any relevant LinkedIn search.

This is the perfect companion to the LinkedIn For Business webinar, and it normally sells for $27 a copy but I’m giving it to you absolutely FREE today as part of the LinkedIn For Business Package!


How Much For The LinkedIn For Business Package?

To give the maximum value to my clients, I’m always out there learning all the latest cutting edge LinkedIn marketing strategies so that I can put it into action for their businesses (…and my own of course!).

I regularly pay $47-$97 for webinars, courses, books and reports to keep me “ahead of the game”.

More importantly, I’ve been actively applying everything I’ve learned from all of these resources, so I know firsthand what works… and what doesn’t.

I’m confident that everything you’ll learn in the LinkedIn For Business Package is well worth paying $47 or even $97 for…

For now though, I just want to cover all the costs of putting on the webinar, transcribing the entire session and marketing the event…

(…and buy myself a nice bottle of wine as a post presentation treat of course).

Of course, you’re more than welcome to attend the LinkedIn For Business webinar for free on the day, but if you’re serious about taking your LinkedIn results to the next level, then I highly recommend getting the full package sooner rather than later.

Not only will you save yourself $20, you’ll also have the “unfair advantage” of being one of the first people to take action on what you’ll learn from my session.


LinkedIn For Business Webinar Schedule Details So are you ready to learn and apply some REAL LinkedIn strategies and see the serious RESULTS for your business?


LinkedIn For Business Package



LinkedIn For Business Package

Regular Price $47 Today $27



Committed to helping you grow your business with LinkedIn,

LinkedIn For Business Webinar Leader JoAnne Funch

JoAnne Funch

Founder Of

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