Laid off, furloughed or fired?

LinkedIn & Networking Strategies for Job Seekers

Learn what works in today’s job market to get back to work faster!

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Let's face it, getting a job today is harder than it's ever been because times have changed and strategies have changed!

I know life is challenging now and you’re wondering how you are going to get a job when so many people are out of work. Colleagues are laid off, the news talks about the unemployment rate going up and your confidence may be at an all-time low.

I get it. I have friends, and family looking for a job.

Here’s the reality…

LinkedIn remains the #1 platform for recruiters and hiring managers to find candidates to fill jobs and to check-out your career history. Mastering LinkedIn results in more opportunities for interviews and jobs than those who don’t.

The REAL REASON you won’t get the interview isn’t because you’re not qualified.

It’s because there are probably hundreds of other people in the job pool with your EXACT SAME qualifications!

So how will you stand out?

Successful job seekers use clear and specific language, they know which keywords will draw recruiters to their profile and they have strengths in both hard skills and soft skills.

They also know how to leverage their network and build connections that lead to opportunities.

If you’re like most frustrated job seekers I meet, the biggest HURDLE that keeps you stuck in place is something I hear all the time…

“I don’t know how to write about myself and have no networking strategy”

OR, maybe these questions keep going through your head:

I know you might be feeling anxious and stressed as the weeks go by and I’m here to give you the confidence and the steps to leverage LinkedIn like a pro and the networking strategies you want to employ to get ahead of the competition.

There is good news, I’m here to help you get noticed so you get a job. As a nationally recognized LinkedIn trainer, I have worked with thousands of people to build a presence that helps them stand out.

In fact, now is the time to step into your brilliance – step into who you are and be bold with the value you bring. It’s time to think of yourself as a business of one and like any business it requires marketing to get noticed.

3 mistakes job seekers are making today:

“JoAnne Funch’s course LinkedIn & Networking Strategies for Job Seekers course is exactly what job seekers need in this incredibly competitive market. If you are stuck on the “why, what, where, and how” to update your profile, this course is the answer. JoAnne provides strategy and insights to leverage LinkedIn for your job search combined with easy to follow and execute instructions to implement the tactics and tasked needed to create an effective profile. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to update their profile and up their networking skills.”

Courtney Burton

Now is NOT the time to quit on yourself or sit back and ‘wait to see what happens and if you are unsure about how to make the most of LinkedIn, then this course will get you positioned for the interview!

We’ve all been dealt an unbelievable hand….it’s not your fault, the truth is companies are hiring people who can help them through this crisis, this is why you need to position yourself as the solution, the visionary, the one with practical wisdom and knowledge to help them through their struggles.

People who don’t figure out how to position themselves and add value will get left behind for who knows how long!


If you don’t nail your LinkedIn profile and then don’t ask for introductions through your network, you will remain unemployed. And being unemployed keeps you stressed and strapped for money. There are jobs – the question is how can you be the resource?

LinkedIn remains the #1 platform for recruiters and hiring managers to find candidates to fill jobs and to check-out your career history.

Don’t leave your future to chance.

When successful people want to get ahead, they look for experts to short-cut and learning curve and get them to where they want to go faster. Getting a job is no different, you can go it alone or you can learn from experts who will get you to your goal faster.

I’m here to help you become more LinkedIn savvy!! I hope you will choose to work with me on your journey forward.

That’s why I created this step-by-step training program with the expert strategies that will position you to get the interview!

LinkedIn & Networking Strategies for Job Seekers

A proven method of building a profile that gets views, increasing your overall visibility that gets you discovered for more opportunities.

In this course, I focus on only those things that give you a better chance of success.

It shows you exactly what to do without the guesswork!
…OR your money back!


Your LinkedIn Profile is Your Website for Your Business-of-One


You’ll discover what to include and exclude in your profile:


You’ll discover:


Networking Strategies: Your Super Power Will Be Networking!


You’ll discover how connections lead to opportunities:


Additional Bonuses for Competitive Advantage

Searching for a job is challenging and stressful and even more so in today’s uncertain times.

If you don’t nail your LinkedIn profile and then don’t ask for introductions through your network, you will remain unemployed. And being unemployed keeps you stressed and strapped for money. There are jobs – the question is how can you be the resource?

Just for $97 insted of $297 (limited time offer)

Do the work, follow the strategies and invest the time. If you don’t see positive results with your outreach, goals, and content – send us a recap of what you implemented. According to each of the modules, we’ll refund your money.

Some experts say that 70 percent of people ended up in their current position thanks to networking. Others say it's more like 80 percent or even 85 percent.

Even when figures are broken down into different categories of job seekers and people are asked how they landed their current job, networking tops every list.


Like JoAnne says in the beginning of the course, “It will make all the difference for you moving forward in the job search.” LinkedIn & Networking Strategies for Job Seekers delivers just that! My To-Do list now has networking tasks and goals that I feel more confident in achieving since taking her class because now I have the know-how. This class has already made a positive difference for me in my job search. Once bewildered on how and where to begin, I now am excited because I have a prescribed plan of action moving forward. If you are serious about your next career move, take this class.”

Patricia Johnson, CCMP

Keynote Speaker & Trainer

Learn to Position Yourself Ahead of the Competition the Smart Way

I have written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles and coached professionals all across the globe and I can help you use LinkedIn and relationships building strategies to gain more visibility so you have more impact and credibility in the job market.

I created this course to help those who want an affordable DYI solution that allows you can take action right away!

My goal is to help as many people as I can to feel confident, become more visible, and connect with the right people and do work they love!

Just for $97 insted of $297 (limited time offer)

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This is not a get-rich-quick training. Let’s be real – it takes effort, focus and consistency to get the results you want. But if you’re willing to put in the effort and do the work, I’m here to share what I’ve learned, hold you accountable so you can gain a competitive advantage, add value to others and get more opportunities to grow your business and enrich your life with amazing people.


A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.