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Updated post for January 2020

Watch for many new webinar trainings in 2020 focusing on LinkedIn for business. 

What you will learn from this LinkedIn for Small Business Presentation:

Discover How to Build a Professional Network That Influences & Wins Business

Transform how you connect and network from making random connections to strategic and high-value connections that result in more profitable, long-term opportunities!

You will also learn:

  • Create a well-developed personal brand that builds your credibility and attracts leads & clients organically
  • How to be known & become more visible
  • Gain confidence as a credible resource in your niche
  • Be referable
  • Accelerate your results in 20 minutes a day 


Personal branding is paramount to your success – download our free resourse and start today to stand out. “10 Tweaks to Your Personal Branding That Gets People to Pay Attention”

Having a LinkedIn profile that attracts the right audience is step #1 so you will stand out from the crowd and with 550 Million profiles on LinkedIn you must ask yourself how will you differentiate yourself from your competition just as you do in marketing.  

LinkedIn can truly provide you leads to build your business and brand, the question is …How will you show up?  and How will you build relationship?

I am passionate about teaching folks how to leverage their brand so that your LinkedIn profile may show up number one in search. This brings credibility to you and your brand. A professional profile that is not boring, but rather excites and stops people in their tracks. We will show you compelling examples of clients who are gaining new relational leads from networking in LinkedIn.

Go ahead and think out of the box. Play around with your options to move your small business ahead by learning more about you. We will offer you the insights you need to get engagement on LinkedIn. Focus on what you do and how you help others and culminate with a strong call to action. This webinar is chocked full of valuable ideas so people won’t clink off your content will be eager to connect further with you. You will benefit with a profile that makes sense to viewers and is optimal.

Remember, people will pay more attention to your profile if you have one or more compelling images. 



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Helping business owners and corporate leaders use LinkedIn and relationship building strategies to gain more exposure for their brand so they have more impact, credibility & income.

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