LinkedIn Groups – Tips for More Post Engagement

LinkedIn Groups – Tip for More Post Engagement

LinkedIn groups can be a worthwhile communication tool. Teaching members how to see your group posts in their newsfeed is a step towards more engagement.

LinkedIn groups over the years have wavered from a robust place to connect and network, to becoming online ghost towns that are inactive. When you joined a group, often you simply forget to click over into the group to see the latest posts and engagement from members.

LinkedIn has a new feature that could help revive your group simply by putting new posts into the feed of the group members.

Revive Your Group

Group admins will want to teach members to perform the following steps in their personal profiles that will enable them to get notifications that there was a new post in the group.

Group members will stay top of mind with members of the group where they can offer value, ask questions and engage with the group members.

Open Settings

On the left side panel click communications, then click network.

LinkedIn Communications Network

Scroll down the page to the group settings. I recommend toggling all the grou setting to ON if you want to be active in the group and to receive noticifation by members of latest posts.

LinkedIn Group Posts

Once you turn on the notifications go back to the group you wish to receive notifications for and click the bell icon at the top of group banner.

LinkedIn Group Notifications

You will now receive notifications for all new posts in the group. You will receive this by checking the bell icon with the word notifications under it.

LinkedIn Group Notifications

Private LinkedIn Groups

The other great feature for private LinkedIn groups is that you will see the new posts in your newsfeed allowing you to easily keep up with the latest from fellow group members. You will see the posts, but unless you are a member of the private group even as a first-degree connection, you won’t see the posts.

Check Your Notifications Tab

To leverage your LinkedIn network, you want to get into the habit of clicking on the ‘Notifications’ tab on the top navigation bar daily. This is where you will see what activity is happening in your network and by whom. This gives you an opportunity to quickly see who is active and an opportunity for you to engage with a latest post for example.
To learn the details of LinkedIn’s group membership, click HERE.

Are LinkedIn Groups Worth Your Time?

LinkedIn groups can and should be part of your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy. If it’s been a while since you have checked into any of your groups, I think they are worth looking into again. LinkedIn groups are a great source for building your personal brand, connecting with like-minded people, learning something new, find new resources and referrals.

Leave me a comment about your experience with LinkedIn groups and let me know if you’ve been active recently.

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  1. Great info JoAnne. I always learn new things simply by you teaching it in a understandable way. Thanks so much.

    1. Good to know Michele, thanks for letting me know. Groups have come and gone, but in some cases, there are things you want to keep up with in an ‘Active’ group.

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