LinkedIn Helps Job Seekers with Resume Assistance

LinkedIn Helps Job Seekers With Resume Assistance

Since Microsoft bought LinkedIn a year ago, we are starting to see new features. LinkedIn just announced that “Resume Assistant,” a new feature from Microsoft Word that helps job seekers with resume assistance.

The new feature is now rolling out to subscribers of Office 365 and a real benefit for job seekers.

How LinkedIn Resume Assistant Works

Here’s how it works. You’re looking for a new job through various places, including LinkedIn—but first, you decide to update your resume. Here are some things you want to consider that will also be important to your LinkedIn profile.

• What are the keywords/job skills they want that are listed in the job description?
• What in your skill base matches what they are seeking?
• How can your resume stand out from others?
• How do you know what others in this area of expertise might say about their skills for this position?

Whether you are in, for example, sales, marketing, branding, social media, administrative or management—someone is looking for a new employee, and it might as well be you. Set yourself apart.

Writing a resume can be a challenge. Writing one that fits the offered job takes time, energy and expertise (both in job skills and in grammar and punctuation so you put your best foot forward). Writing about yourself is also a challenge, and most of us find it hard to “brag,” but a well-done resume and LinkedIn profile is all that and more.

An effective resume is all about showcasing your accomplishments. Did you “organize, implement, or exceed quotas,” for example. Did you use these powerful words, followed by numbers, percent or timelines? How do you show promotions, and why you were promoted?

People are changing jobs/roles more often these days, but nearly 70 percent of people find it difficult to clearly show their work experience. And when it comes to focusing on a specific job opportunity, about half of us really struggle to place our skills in that format.

Prioritize Your LinkedIn Profile

An added perk of a well-written, perfectly focused resume is that through posting on LinkedIn, your work skills and expertise are seen by recruiters.Your LinkedIn profile should be a priority, because 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates.

Everything must add up to find your ideal job

Resume Assistant software, using Microsoft Word, helps you with tools that identify top skills, and shows you how to better express your work experience. An added benefit of using this new software is that you can let recruiters know about your skills (Open Candidate) link in find in your settings. Through Pro Finder link, you can access additional help with the resume process, such as finding a job coach, or contact me for a referral as I know several excellent resume writers.

With more than 11 million open jobs listed on LinkedIn, this is the time for you to use all your expertise and advantages that you can—which is Resume Assistant—to customize your resume for that special job.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Additionally, make sure that your present career LinkedIn profile is updated, accurate and powerful. Everything works together so don’t overlook this. LinkedIn helps you learn more about opportunities available and generate leads. Also, you help recruiters find you, and help your network to better be able to make the right connections for you.

Through Resume Assistant’s special features, you can see work experience examples of others in your field. Learn what “top skills” are.

Find your dream job. Write the perfect resume with Resume Assistant’s help, post it on LinkedIn and other places, and then be prepared to interview for your dream job.

Resume Assistant takes what could be a daunting task of showing your skills in the best way possible—and lessens the challenge, and gives you many advantages. Take them!

Check out the Office 365 video:

For a professional LinkedIn Profile update, learn more:

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