LinkedIn Marketing and Strategy

Why are some professionals able to stand-out from the noisy crowd, build credibility in their niche and build a network of valuable connections while most continue to struggle with the concept of how a network can grow their business?

Great marketing begins with a clear strategy

Strategy creates order and timing. We create a framework with the tactics to implement based on your goals.
Without a LinkedIn marketing plan and strategy, it’s like sailing a boat without a compass! In fact, it is important to understand how we do business has changed for business buyers and consumers alike. Buyers are often meeting us online before they meet us offline. Your job is to become the person they want to do business with or associate with.


You feel unrecognized in your field
& people simply don’t find you for
what you want to be known for.

By developing your personal brand
and elevating your credibility you
will stand out and be recognized.

Planning & Strategy

You may have given up on building a network to grow your business or brand because you haven’t seen results from previous efforts. But, you most likely didn’t have a plan or strategy to get results.


We all have the ability to influence and have impact. There is no better place to connect with people who want to do business than LinkedIn. Your content and engagement can accelerate and transform your success.


By creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and builds your brand,

you will become the person your ideal customers want to purchase from.

You can navigate the road alone.  Or you can hire an expert to guide you every step of the way. I’d be honored to partner in your success.

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Without a doubt, LinkedIn emerges as the #1 social platform for business-people to build their corporate, personal and employer brand. We offer virtual and in-person LinkedIn training workshops.

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If you are already a LinkedIn user who knows the value of your network, you just need a better plan to execute an effective marketing strategy. Schedule a 90-Minute coaching/training session with me to gain focus and a strategy that gets the results
you’re after.

JoAnne has assisted me several times in LinkedIn consulting and marketing, in
developing my Profile and learning how to use LinkedIn for marketing. She is an
outstanding instructor, very knowledgeable and patient, and articulate. I learned a lot
from her, and am applying her training to my marketing needs. She is first-rate.

Don Keysser,

Business Finance Consultant, Investment Banker

89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation Here’s a bonus stat: 62% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn successfully generates leads—that’s twice as many as the next social platform!


A Practical Guide for Business Owners, Consultants & Salespeople to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Marketing.